Steampunk St Patrick's day video

Andrew from League of Steam sez, "A hilarious 3-minute web video in which the League of STEAM (steampunk ghostbusters/monster hunters) attempts to capture a mean little leprechaun. Slapstick humor, top-quality special effects, and cool steampunk gadgets and guns: the perfect geeky/sci-fi flick for St. Patrick's day! Enjoy!"

Lovely work, guys -- nice use of the Wilhelm Scream!

Adventures of the League of STEAM - "Fool's Gold"


  1. Potatoes are like the silver bullet for leprechauns? I did not know that.
    That was a fun video!

    1. The leprechaun was getting hungry from all the shenanigans, and so decided to fake his death, swipe the potato, and retire with his pot of gold for supper. Kind of like Ziggy Stardust, but Irish.

      1. yeah… but the punks get the gold. the leprechaun just gets a potato… which i guess is the gold of the Irish.

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