Batman Lightsaber Shark


Good morning! This thing of beauty brought to you by Slashfilm, via the always awesome Julio Ojeda-Zapata.


    1. Spluh! He keeps his shark repellent in a pocket on his left leg. The shark knew this and bit it off eh?

  1. I don’t think that the person who drew this has ever seen Batman (judging by the logo) or a shark (judging by the ridiculous anatomy: unhinged lower jaw; lack of fins; placement of the emerging row of teeth on the outside of the largest row). Or maybe it’s just poor art; note Batman’s lack of a left leg.

    I know, I know. It’s geek fan-service; it doesn’t need to be accurate. Except that it’s geek fan-service; it needs to be accurate. Geeks notice.

  2. The artist is not a big fan of Star Wars either. The lightsaber he’s wielding is Luke Skywalker’s, which we all know has a blue blade.

  3. I’m gonna laugh when Batman stabs himself in the belly with that thing. Looks like he already took off a leg.

    Leave the big jobs to Superman, dude!

  4. Why is Batman fighting a shark with a lightsaber? Never mind the lightsaber, what crime did the shark commit? Igniting a lightsaber under water is a definite no-no, anyway. We wouldn’t see any image at all due to all the steam and superheated water.

    1. That’s actually Megashark and so they’re not underwater, they’re actually at about 10,000 foot altitude. Batman has just prevented the destruction of yet another airliner.

      Megashark = terrorist!


    and doc, batman just keeps stabbing the shark in its dark toothy mouth, over and over again until the lightsaber explodes,and i can hear my mother’s voice, and i wake up with my star wars sheets all soaked in sweat

  6. I like how Batman has two streams of bubbles exiting his nose. Clearly, given the bubbles surrounding them, they have recently and rapidly plunged into the water, and yet Batman is exhaling WITH SUCH VEHEMENT FORCE that his ejected bits of carbon dioxide overcome the force of the water and stream away in parabolas rather than going straight up like all the other bubbles.

  7. Why doesn’t the frickin’ shark have a frickin’ laserbeam attached to its frickin’ head?

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