The Society of Illustrators in NYC presents “BLAB!: A Retrospective”


3 Responses to “The Society of Illustrators in NYC presents “BLAB!: A Retrospective””

  1. Anonymous says:

    I cherish the few copies of BLAB! I was able to score. They are chock full of cutting edge animation and
    often the art is delightfully disturbing which suits me fine! I especially loved the matchbook cover art by Beauchamp I believe it was. Is there a relationship between RAW and BLAB! or are they related only by the shared medium?
    I won’t be in NY so I’ll try to obtain the show’s catalog and be contented.


  2. Hools Verne says:

    Blab and Zero Zero are pretty much the best comics I own. Wish I could afford the issues of RAW when I can manage to find them.

  3. MichaelRN says:

    Big fan of BLAB! Must find an excuse to be in NYC in the next few weeks.

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