Edible QR Code cupcakes


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  1. Anonymous says:

    finally QR codes are getting traction – only been harping about them for 3 years.

    Now if only we could get some marketers to build some interesting commercial campaigns we can finally start using them everyday.

    Dean Collins

  2. lizardb0y says:

    Like you, Anon #1, I find it odd that the humble cupcake now includes any item curiously perched atop. Now, had this been a cupcake iced with QR code, I may have found myself agog with wonder. Sadly I am now awash with unmet expectations and a slight gnawing hunger. Shame on you, Clever Cupcakes Montreal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    does a cupcake possess the power to subsume any object balanced upon it into the status of cupcakehood? if i were to balance a pencil atop a scrummy cupcake would that pencil then become a bit of cupcake? i wouldn’t be a twit and question this issue but this involves cupcakes dammit!

  4. JoshP says:

    physical world hyperlinks..nom nom nom…

  5. brandscaping says:

    Now, all we need is an app to use QR codes at starbucks – http://bit.ly/EspressoApp

    espresso and cupcakes – and no wallet FTW!!

  6. tozlink says:

    Cupcake? We’re up to Eclair now! Get with the times, eh, Montreal?

  7. coop says:

    If only the iPhone had a camera that didn’t stink like yesterday’s socks.


  8. braininavat says:

    Best post EVAR!!!!

  9. benher says:

    Just don’t forget to scan first, eat later.

    …now if only the iPhone had a QRcode reader app that didn’t stink like yesterday’s socks.

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