Ada Lovelace Day T-shirts!


I'm loving the design the Ada Lovelace Day organizers put together for these great T-shirts celebrating women in technology. Ada Lovelace Day, a blogging holiday honoring the often overlooked work done by women in the sciences, is March 24th.


  1. my cats are named newton, copernicus, and ada (after ada lovelace). thank you for getting her name out there, she should be a household name!!

  2. Is Lady Ada carrying a cane or a crowbar?
    I think it’s a crowbar as she was a hacker before being a hacker was cool.

  3. While this is a cool idea, Ada is probably the least overlooked overlooked lady scientist – How about Lise Meitner day? Or Emmy Noether day? Or Pierre Curie day :P – overlooked spouses deserve their own mention too!

  4. My daughter is named Ada. Rarely, someone asks, “Like, Lovelace?” but everyone loves it. She’s making us proud by totally hacking her four-year-old world, and oh, yes, we will be celebrating Ada Day.

  5. This is a wonderful logo, sporting a bit of steampunk in addition to the message itself. I’ve got two nieces and I’m waiting for them to get a little older so we can start doing maker types of things. Yes, little girls like ponies and princesses, but why can’t the princesses make anything, do anything?

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