In before commenters mention the singularity

Two electrodes, placed 30 cm apart on a human arm, can transmit data through said arm at about 10 megabits per second, according to researchers at Korea University. (Thanks, Ken Steidle!)


  1. Meanwhile, North Korea University has been experimenting on how many bits said electrodes can transmit through your bits.

  2. So, how long until the MPAA and RIAA begin asking for blood samples as part of discovery during filesharing cases?

    1. In cabling, the speed is determined by the number of twists in each pair of conductors. So it looks like someone will have to twist your arm to get that kind of functionality. ;D

    1. Maybe … routers with really mediocre throughput. That’ll give us a leg up on the Machines, I suppose.

  3. I’d like to teach the world to route /

    In packet harmony /

    Send B+ trees and public keys /

    All up and down your arms …

  4. IBM was experimenting with the “personal area network” a decade or so ago, as a way to link personal electronics that was deliberately shorter range than bluetooth — essentially your own body or someone you touched.

  5. The human body conducts RF energy. This is not news. Try grabbing a probe on an oscilloscope to see just how much your body is like a big antenna.

  6. Trent: Where are the future people of the Earth?

    The Glass Hand: In hiding. You are the key to releasing them.

    Trent: Where? Tell me.

    The Glass Hand: I am unable to answer. My mechanism is not whole.

  7. I used to think how silly it was that the Wachowski Bros. depicted humans as batteries, but I realize it hit home the point of how utterly insignificant our cognition can appear from a higher order perspective.

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