Girl scares people by standing in vestibule

One man doesn't take kindly to this prank.


    1. She’s dressed as Ringu from the Japanese horror film, Ring (& the Western remake The Ring). The generic ghosts like this are called onryō I think.

      @Earth Man; it’s a good thing the whole of Boingboing knows you are an oniscient knower of the ur-truths, otherwise me might expect some proof it’s a fake. All hail Earth Man, knower of everything!

      1. Ah, that explains why people freaked out when they saw her. I couldn’t understand what was so scary about a girl in a nightgown standing in a hallway.

      1. I can tell from the pixels and by having seen quite a few shops in my time.

        I think that the key to pulling the prank successfully is standing far enough from the door that you’re not behind it, but not so far down the hall that you’re too visible.

        Nice video.

        1. “I can tell from the pixels and by having seen quite a few shops in my time.”

          You win!

      2. Hey, no offense meant by “fake is fake” comment! :) Sorry for regurgitating a tired meme.

        This video looks quite staged, as noted elsewhere. The “victims” arrive in a steady, convenient stream, and all OVERreact visibly to “Samara” without once addressing her verbally. Our ghost does not react at all to being swiped at by the third victim, then waits for the ensuing kick to launch her choreographed fall, all without looking back to see who her attacker is.

      3. It’s obvious. Why would these people act so frightened about a person just standing there? Perhaps “fake” is the wrong word, but “staged” might be better.

    2. I see a lot of the same “clearly fake” sentiment in the comments on YouTube as well, but little evidence. Care to elaborate?

      1. The timing of the girl laughing and the people walking in is highly, highly suspect. Hence, the fakey feel. They could have fixed by faking a jump cut between people.

        1. My thought exactly. Each person walks through just as she finishes her reaction shot. Not before, and not after. That and the overacting of the people walking by contributes to the fakiness.

      2. The fact the the man that kicks here was actually the first guy to walk past is a little strange. Did he return for revenge

        …and what exactly does he do there, throw gum in her hair and push her down with his foot, cause I haven’t seen a dude pull that move since Tiffany Smith told Billy Sterns that his pants smelled like poo in the 2nd grade.

  1. did she died?

    /mandatory (and now ruined by me wanting to comment more on this, I had this happen to me when someone in my building was walking around in a night gown and I was just coming in. Sometimes the door in the entrance hangs so you don’t have to unlock it and she was coming up from the laundry just as I was coming in. We scared the shit out of one another.)

  2. If she did that at my building she probably would have gotten her ass kicked in the metaphorical sense rather than the literal.

  3. FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! Is it not common in Japan that people stand in corridors? Why instead of saying hello they act like they genuinely believe in ghosts? Are all of their (Japanese) minds so uniformed that in the given circumstance they all act exactly the same – frightened close to a heart attack? I don’t know any Japanese people, so maybe it’s not fake. If You’re a normal Japanese reading this, could You please post a comment telling us – is this normal behaviour in Japan? Thank You! (it’s fake)

    1. I believe that the clip says that it’s Chinese, not Japanese. But it does look like a Japanese kind of prank…. Do we have confirmation on this?

      1. Dear Swan, thanks for correcting me. I don’t have my glasses on. :) If it’s Chinese then maybe it’s true – regime makes people jerky. That would explain why they come out of somewhere with such precise intervals and why beating of girls is considered normal.

  4. I have no proof of the clip’s inauthenticity and so don’t dare take as adamant a tone as Earth Man for fear of getting snarked hard by Master Frauenfelder. But the red flags are 1) the rapid evenly spaced stream of “victims” through the door, and 2) they all look to be contemporaries of the prankster.

  5. Yep, I gotta agree it feels fake, even though I have no proof. I too cite the extremely suspicious timing of the victims — each arriving just as the girl has finished her laugh. If there were cuts so that the timing was indeterminate I could buy it as real, but as one continuous take, I say fake.

  6. Obvious troll is obvious.

    In the Vestibule, most people can hear you scream (and in the lobby, the stairwell, and for a block or so in either direction.)

  7. sorta ot, but there was a cool documentary about the London Underground’s ghost sightings. The scientist on the show explained a lot of it by measuring infra-sound, which apparently can cause hallucinations and such. Pretty neat.

  8. I’m going to guess it’s fake, too. I don’t *know* that it’s fake, but the terror reactions look staged to me. I would like to think that it’s authentic, though! =D

  9. Ha ha ha. So much win. I think I am in love.

    Unless it’s fake. Then I might come back and knock her down like Mr. AngerManagement.

  10. FAKE FAKE FAKE Part II – All those people seem to come out of somewhere in suspiciously regular intervals, they are all suspiciously the same age and I just don’t believe that any man on the world no matter Japanese or Latvian would react as the last guy did by hitting an innocent girl, who looks rather sick, moonwalking, in need for help not a walking zombie.
    We Latvian usually get frightened if we have spent some time alone, but those people seam to come out of a crowded place. It’s fake until some Japanese will swear me that that’s how they are and basta.

      1. You got me there, but what I meant was – wouldn’t all those passers-by have to be more accustomed to seeing other people in odd places and nevertheless in nightgowns if it is as You say (and I agree with it) a dormitory? Of course – it’s a set up in dormitory. That’s where i was leading to. Antinous, You just helped me to prove to myself that it is fake. I won’t say what else you proved to me, otherwise my comment will be taken away to spooky-ghosty land.

    1. “and I just don’t believe that any man on the world no matter Japanese or Latvian would react as the last guy did by hitting an innocent girl, who looks rather sick, moonwalking, in need for help not a walking zombie.”

      You don’t watch the news much do you. People hurt other people all the time just for sh**ts and giggles. Sad but true.

  11. Am I the only person who finds the “x noun is x” phase really insulting? You might was well say “meh” and save yourself some typing.

  12. If I saw one of Ripley’s aliens in a dark corridor, I’d assume that it was a costume and walk by. If I saw someone in a nightgown staring at the floor, I’d hold tight to my keys and pull foot in the opposite direction.

  13. Aside from the oddly perfect timing of victim entrances, what’s strange to me is that none of them say anything. We don’t even hear them asking each other WTF off camera, in what sounds like a very loud hallway.

  14. It feels fake. The steady pace of entries and the comic overreactions contributed to that feeling, for me. Also, the nasty bit at the end. But like I said, it’s just a feeling.

    She’s really cute though, with the Snidely giggles.

  15. Everyone seems certain it’s fake because she ‘knows’ when to stop laughing. Isn’t it possible there’s an outer door we can’t see, but that she can hear opening?
    What I saw was a child being beaten by a stranger. I hope you’re right, I hope it’s fake. I hope the world isn’t really that ugly. But I think it might be.
    So instead of expending so much energy trying to convince others it’s fake, why not use that energy to investigate the facts as best you can?

  16. Personally, I think it’s just funny.

    I thought that maybe there’s a cultural thing not relating to believing in ghosts where you just don’t say anything to the crazy!person standing around in a public hallway in her nightgown. I know I wouldn’t.

    But I also wouldn’t come back and kick her.

  17. To Boris (#9):

    I’m not sure about China, but I know that in Japan a huuuuuge percent of the population honest-to-god believes in ghosts. To the point that in a large number of hospitals (people die there often, thus a high ghost-risk place) offer spiritual salt purification of your hospital room upon request. Having a few Japanese friends, I’ve found that joking about ghosts in any way is a sure-fire way to get some pretty awkward silences and pissed-off glares.

  18. The whole thing looked staged, but when I watched it a second time, the real giveaway that it’s staged is how she does not react at all to the first swipe the man takes at her head. She was obviously expecting it and the kick that followed. Her reaction, or lack thereof, is not normal.

  19. We did something like this for a sociology class in college. Only, instead of standing in a hallway, the person stood in an elevator without ever pushing any buttons or talking to anyone.

    The responses ranged from treating the person as though he were a Buckingham Palace guard and trying to make him move to calling him a rapist and what have you.

    1. > the person stood in an elevator without ever pushing any buttons or talking to anyone.

      We did something similar in college. My friend stood in the elevator with his back to the door facing the other people without saying a word. He would get off on a middle floor and race down to the bottom. We made sure all the buttons were pressed so he could make it before the elevator did. As soon as he left people started mumbling to each other about how weird that was. When the doors opened on the ground floor he was standing there and said ‘I heard what you said about me’.
      Ha Ha people scattered…

  20. Interesting: calling a prank a “fake” is kind of a philosophical issue…

    The setting/costume is exactly the same of Japanese/korean horror movies so it’s credibile that people are scared.

    Real or not the video is meant to be fun: it’s not a TV NEWS or a documentary!

    1. If the point of this joke was to reenact a joke done before trying to reconstruct reactions from passers by, it totally lacks fun part.

  21. Who cares if it’s fake? Wow, she is scaring people by appearing somewhere they wouldn’t expect her potentially dressed like a character in a horror movie. Gee what an interesting idea for a YouTube video.

  22. Darn, just watched again to see her reached to having her head swatted. No reaction at all. She was expecting it…

    Still a fun video.

  23. I’m not going to go so far as to say it’s fake, but the reactions seem oddly over-dramatic. Everyone I’ve ever seen startled (including myself) might give a little jump or cry out, but not one of them has ever stumbled all over themselves in mute terror like every single one of these people seems to.

  24. This reminds me of when I was in college and after “bloodying” up charity shop clothes for a halloween costume I decided to go lay down on the floor of the elevator in the building and play dead. I scared the crap out of Thirsty Thursday revellers for an hour. Surprisingly hard not to crack up and ruin the illusion.

  25. Cheesus, people… can’t enjoy a video if it isn’t “real”? You ever laugh at the movies? ‘Cause those comedies, they’re all staged, you know?

  26. In college I had a Japanese friend named Gen (hard G). Once I was sitting in his room with several other people, and happened to be in a spot where Gen could not see me as he walked in. He was saying hi to everyone and as he came next to me (I was around a little corner – kinda hard to explain) I said in a perfectly calm voice, “Hi Gen.” He froze, absolutely froze, mid-stride with his front foot off the ground. And I don’t mean he stopped going. He literally fell face first onto the ground while frozen like a statue, dumping his books and actually hurting himself a little. So, ya know, I’m just sayin’.

  27. Girl looks like Alma, the creepy little girl poltergeist in F.E.A.R. (the first-person shooter game).

  28. Fake or not, it reminds me of a ‘gentleman’ who thought it would be hi-larious to hide in a pile of trash bags and jump out to scare people in London. I had to stop a friend from going back and clobbering him after he really shook us up, including a couple of girls who were walking with us. Men do stupid things when they feel ‘unmanned’. Not that someone jumping out like that isn’t going to get an unwelcome response from someone eventually (a la *that* video with the guy in the waste-bin at an American school)

    1. “Men do stupid things when they feel ‘unmanned’.”

      It’s that ancient fight or flight instinct. Sometimes it has unwanted results in modern life. Plenty of reasonable people, men and women, have done incredibly stupid things once scared or provoked.

  29. RE: the ridiculous overreactions, that was something I noticed while living in China for a while. People would jump out of their skin at the slightest thing, and I almost gave a woman a nervous breakdown when she thought the toy I threw to her was a real animal.

  30. I find more unlikely that someone would think up a prank like this and decide is more entertaining to stage it to get reactions from strangers over the web than to actually do the prank itself.
    If your trying to look for suspicious circumstances in everything is more likely related to your own paranoia and ego-centrism than anything on the video itself.
    Thinking about this, there is also a more likely cause for the comments crying fake, in which case: congratulations on your successful troll.

  31. My wife is five-feet tall with long black hair. She does a dead-on Ringu girl walking. If I suddenly happened on this girl I’d jump out of my skin. Don’t care if this is fake, because it’s plausible.

  32. Her name is Sadako! Get it right, or she’ll come through your computer screen!

    Anyway, it must be a fake, because all those people are still alive.

  33. I assumed the film was “real” but was going to ask a question that sort of goes to the claims of fakery. What exactly is SO frightening about this young woman to evoke such consistent responses? Okay, she may be dressed up as a figure from a horror movie. Would five Americans react exactly the same way to someone dressed up as Freddy Kruger? I mean, she’s obviously not as hideous as Freddy, so we have to assume that the cultural knowledge of this horror flick character is universal and extremely powerful – enough to elicit a visceral reaction in several people taken by surprise. Is that really the case in Japan, or wherever this came from? Not saying it’s not the case. I’d be intrigued if that were the case though. Or am I missing something else entirely? If there’s another explanation that illuminates this culture, I’d love to hear it.

  34. Japanese people are really into smacking each other in the back of the head.

    The kids I teach are constantly doing it, and every single fucking comedy team on TV — and there are tons — features one stupid guy and another guy whose job is to smack him in the back of the head. Almost no variations to this exist.

  35. Hey, I live in a building with an elevator and have had similar terror reactions to perfectly ordinary people being a little too close to the door when it opens or simply when I’m not expecting people.

  36. I think the only thing that suggests to me that it might be fake, is the fact that she doesnt turn when the guy swipes at her hair.

    Then again maybe she heard him coming and wanted to keep pretending to be a ghost as he swathed her hair to see if she was real. So it’s a bit up in the air for me.

  37. It’s clearly fake.

    I’ve been on a computer, have the Internet, and used Photoshop. So I know. Also, there’s the way people walk. Who opens doors like that? With their hands? That’s clearly staged. Also, the light is wrong. It should have more blue in it. Vestibules have blue light and I studied architecture once when I was at the dentist and they had a copy of Architectural Digest there, which I read for ten minutes straight without stopping or anything. Also, the lines are clearly wrong. Look at them. They’re wrong. Those lines are totally wrong.

    I have a nightgown, so I know. That nightgown is fake.

    She’s also not a girl. She’s a man. If you look at 1:08, you see her knuckles and it looks like hair on them. What kind of girl has hair on her knuckles? Fake. Totally totally fake. Also, the second person did not have a cellphone. Who does not have cellphone?

    This is not on YouTube either. If you look at the video, there’s words on it that are not English. YouTube is in English. I don’t like fake!

  38. The timing is quite explicable: there *are* cuts. They are just about visible, but not obvious because of the low quality of the video, and because she doesn’t move between shots.

  39. This would scare ME quite badly. but I scream if someone walks up and starts talking to me if I’ve been too focused on the computer.. I startle easily.

  40. tbh, I can’t understand the people saying they couldn’t understand being scared. I’ve watched “The Ring” and found it pretty creepy, so if someone looking like this surprised me when I was lost in thought or so, just standing there, I might well be creeped out at first. I’m European and don’t really believe in ghosts – and still. And the dress is dead-on… I saw the first image and thought “goodness, it’s the girl from The Ring”.

  41. Here’s the part I don’t get: She’s standing in a lighted vestibule; the people coming in are entering through a glass door, and it’s dark outside. So it’s very unlikely that they can’t see someone standing there through the door, although they may not be paying attention.

    And, although she’s dressed as a popular scary character, that dress amounts to a girl in a white nightgown. Not terrifying on its own terms.

    So all of these over-the-top startle reactions are to a not-really-terrifying person they should have seen there in the first place. Right?

  42. I had a completely over-the-top reaction to a situation pretty similar to this. I walked into my house and my house-mate was standing beside the door in such a way that I couldn’t see him until I was right beside him. I jumped like I’d been shot, a kind of total and violent spasm of electric fear, and like in the video, I didn’t make a sound. Maybe there is some kind of psychological explanation, like if we walk into a new space, even a familiar one, we are unconsciously scanning for “threats”? Or something.

  43. It’s odd that the girl doesn’t react to the man brushing her hair, only after he pushes her does she react. It’s as though she was thinking about remembering to fall after he pushes her, but forgot to react to him touching her hair.

  44. Not Chinese – They are actually speaking Korean.
    (Yes, I know the watermark is in Chinese)

  45. I went ahead and pressed the “Enhance” key several times, then zoomed in on a reflection on the door handle and rotated it 180 degrees. And I can assure you that Will Smith is not anywhere in the room.

  46. Watching this at work (with no sound), I also thought it looked obviously fake – and I was going to say so, too.

    So: why do some of you think that pointing this out is trolling? And why should it be up to skeptics to “prove” that it’s fake, but not up to the (for lack of a better term) believers-in-this to provide some evidence that it is real?

    Anyway, in addition to the points made above: the camera is running when she says hello to it (she sees it and knows that it’s there), but cuts off as soon she’s clobbered, raising the questions of who is controlling the camera, the footage, and the editing if this isn’t fake. Is this her camera? Then why don’t we see her turning it on, and why don’t the victims see it? Or is this supposed to be from a security camera? Then why does the footage have synchronous sound, and why does the footage end immediately when she falls to the ground?

    I also disagree with the commenter who said that the regular timing was due to editing, not to choreography – I don’t see any cuts between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th victims (that might or might not be a cut btwn the 1st and 2nd).

    Any evidence that this is real would be welcome, too!

    1. And why should it be up to skeptics to “prove” that it’s fake, but not up to the (for lack of a better term) believers-in-this to provide some evidence that it is real?

      You are seriously humorless. Get help.

  47. The ‘virgin ghost’ is an ubiquitous figure in pan-Asian ghost stories. A girl in a white gown with hair covering her eyes is the regional ghost archetype, like a sheet with eye holes cut in it is in the West. So the character in Ring is styled as a ghost, and the girl in the video is dressed as a ghost rather than the character from Ring.

    Typically, the ghosts are young women who were raped and murdered, or died in childbirth and they haunt deserted houses or remote highways. Their M.O. is usually softly calling to young men who end up undergoing some extreme genital mutilation before death if they are foolish enough to follow.

    I am not at all superstitious but yeah, I would have jumped.

  48. I was once wandering around deserted Prague with a friend in the middle of a foggy winter night and we went under the Charles Bridge where we saw a coat sitting over the back of a chair in the middle of nowhere, with a hat on top of it. My friend and I both had a brief moment of terror because the whole setup looked at first blush like the little psychotic midget at the end of Don’t Look Now, a very creepy film he and I both happened to have seen. Our reactions were immediate, animal brain responses that dissipated within a second, but the first reaction was VERY strong.

    So yeah, I can see where this ghostly and unexpected apparition would give rise to an immediate sense of terror — the reaction precedes the analysis. I’m not at all convinced it’s fake…and not surprised to see at least one person get pissed.

  49. Lol, you guys seriously don’t know Asian ghost stories then. XD That would have freaked me out too. You’re seriously not expecting some woman standing there dressed like THAT. It’d definitely freak you out if it was during cheng meng.

  50. I went on the tube (London’s underground train system) in a zombie mask once. I’d been the subject of someone’s final work project in theatrical makeup and wanted to show my colleagues the next day. Plus the damn thing was glued to my face, so I didn’t have much choice.

    I looked as if I were horribly mutilated.

    Most people – the vast majority – studiously ignored me. Nobody spoke to me on the train. Nobody looked at me. Watching them in the window reflections, people sneaked looks, briefly, but didn’t discuss with other commuters or anything.

    I did get two GREAT responses. The first was a small boy, who looked round just as I strode up behind him on the platform. His silent, wide-eyed look of terror was awesome.

    And then there was the teenage girl who screamed, backed up into a bench, and clawed her way over it to get away. Once she got over the shock, she laughed and talked to me, asked if it was a publicity stunt or something, etc.

    I could believe that this is a setup by a prank show, with accomplices working outside to control the traffic flow and prevent them hearing eachother’s cries. I could believe that somehow people didn’t see her through the glass door, through careful placing of lighting. That would also explain her suspiciously *good* look (the nightdress, hair and makeup don’t feel amateurish to me), and the camera and mic being well enough concealed that they weren’t spotted.

    But this many people reacting intensely, without talking to her, I find a bit harder to take. If someone is startled by someone, they will then *talk to* the person that startled them, even if just to say “oh sorry, you startled me!” or “great makeup”. This is a worldwide constant.

    But just maybe, if the people were suitably primed first – perhaps all these people just watched the Ring?

  51. Love the great debate.

    Skeptic: Looks fake.
    Believer: feh, you don’t KNOW it’s not fake.
    Skeptic: whatever, looks fake.
    Believer: I’ve totally made ppl jump like that in RL.
    Skeptic: It’s still fun, but it looks fake.
    Believer: Prove it.
    Skeptic: I can’t. I’m not real.
    Believer: (jump!) OMG!!

  52. I liked this vid. Put a smile on my face and everything. Then I read the comments, and it was all ruined. Destroyed! I LIKED IT, MARK. THANK YOU.

  53. This is clearly fake. First off, IT’S A GLASS DOOR. She obviously can see when someone’s approaching, so they should be able to see her before opening the door as well. Second, it’s ridiculous to think that EVERY person walking through would be startled. And so startled that they fall down? Come on, people. Use a little common sense. Fake. Fake. Fake.

  54. I tend to agree with Dewi Morgan. This has a feeling of being staged, but not exactly fake.

    This isn’t your average youtuber pulling a prank on their own. This looks to have been set up, and I’d guess everyone walking through had just seen “The Ring”. Their reactions are very realistic, even the attack at the end. Remember this is China. The man at the end deems the girl unrespectful, so he hits her. Very cowardly and wrong in our culture, but in his culture he is in the right.

  55. If it’s real, it’s a completely different video. If it’s real, she really scared people, and that’s both funny and interesting. If it’s real, that dude really hit her, a total overreaction (I think), and that’s awful.

    If it’s fake, well, it’s fake, and we are just appreciating the quality of the fiction. If you don’t want it to be fake, don’t read the comments.

  56. I too say it’s a fake. The evidence? The reaction of every single person is absolute fear. How likely is that, really? Come on, it’s a girl standing still. And one man, actually assaulting a girl who was just standing there? That is a HUGE overreaction. It is fake because the reactions of every single person were not believable. That is the evidence… the unlikeliness of human reaction to a girl standing still.


    1. I totally agree that he’s just trying to see if she’s a ghost. He’s fl*kin terrified, haha the poor little hoor was brave although, who believes in ghosts ?

      Maybe this is how ghosts really start ?

      But maybe this one guy who actually had to know, so he kicks the ghost, and maybe now he knows more than he knew.

      PS. I’ve only seen this once and I don’t doubt it’s real. (Otherwise this gets an Oscar.)
      To those I say, as they say, “Y’all be haters, get real :)”


      Terry O

  57. ok, I’ll explain why this is not fake by answering some of your comments..but I don’t understand why anyone would think it’s fake is in the first place, it’s just a prank…

    1. Why be scared of a girl in a white nightgown?

    >>b/c that’s what asian ghosts look like. check out any asian horror movie. or watch american movies based on asian horror, like the ring or the grudge. Dead girl, long black hair, white dress/nightgown = ghost.

    2. Who opens doors like that? With their hands?

    >>Asians. We have glass door entrances to most of our smaller apartment buildings and office buildings, you push or slide them to get in. I refuse to believe you have NEVER seen a glass door.

    3. Why can’t they see her through the glass door?

    >>The glass is a bit tinted, that’s why you can’t see the people until they enter, and why they don’t notice the girl at first. Plus, her white gown blends into the wall, and her black hair blends into the dark window behind her. Also, it’s nighttime and the hall isn’t lit very brightly.

    4. The lighting is wrong.

    >>There’s one light in a hallway, in a country in ASIA. not america. or england. or where ever u might be from, which is obviously not korea/japan, so you’re not an expert. But there MUST be badly lit hallways in apartment buildings there as well…

    5. The man touched her hair and she didn’t move!

    >>Three possible reasons: first, she has long hair, so she might not have felt him brush it (can’t feel hair unless it’s being pulled). OR, she was surprised herself and froze. OR, she was playing her dead girl game and wanted to keep spooking him.

    6. She’s not a girl.

    >>Seriously? ok, whatever, maybe its a guy dressed in a girl’s nightgown. who cares. the point was the kid was pranking those people. job done. and then some.

    7. The second person did not have a cellphone. Who does not have cellphone?

    >>Omg, call the police, that person doesn’t have a cellphone!

    8. This is not on YouTube either. If you look at the video, there’s words on it that are not English.

    >>So what if it is or is not on YouTube? Also, Youtube is NOT exclusiveley in English or ONLY available to english speakers. There are several versions in different languages for different countries. Same thing with Facebook.

    9. She falls without looking back to see who her attacker is.

    >>Not everyone has the grace to control how they fall when someone kicks them down from behind.

    10. Why would he hit her like that?

    >>I don’t think it’s b/c he thinks she’s disrespectful (like someone mentioned), I think it’s more like he’s trying to see if she’s really a ghost. Look at how he gets out of the frame so quick after kicking her down.

    11. How could every person have the same scared reaction?

    >>well, it’s nighttime, most of them are dressed well so they’re prolly coming back tired from whereever, they enter their building and all of a sudden there’s a ghostly looking chick standing pretty dang close to you and just staring at you. Pretty dang creepy to me. Keep in mind, she looks EXACTLY like a ghost in this culture.

    ok. done. hope that helped clear some thoughts.

  58. This reminds me of a prank I’ve pulled on my family to much delight. I had a life-size cut out of the old men from the Bartles and James ads and would put it in, say the kitchen, and it would scare the crap out of my family innocently walking in. That said, I think the scare factor here is less ghosts and more startle. (I’ve done this prank again since with another cut out and it still works. Now my family has a new addition to our lexicon – Bartling…as in “consider yourself Bartled.)

  59. Nice to see that the majority of people here are so steadfast that they’ve never once been startled by something they didn’t expect. I think the last thing I’d expect while entering a building (ANY building) is someone standing in their nightgown. Whether I think it’s a ghost or not is irrelevant; someone standing ramrod stiff in their nightgown in the front hall is frikkin’ weird.

    Christ you guys act like you’re not afraid of anything.

  60. this is fake you would kno it becuz she keeps laughing and all thaa people keep doing the same actions LOL IT WUZ FUNNY WHEN OUT OF NO WHERE DA GUY COMES AND PUNCHS AND DROPS KICK HER IN DA BACK OF HER HEAD SO FUNNY LOL KEPT LAUGHING MY A$$ OFF WHEN I SAW DIZ VERY FUNNY :P

  61. Well when i saw the ring i was shit scared and if i walk into a hallway with a girl standing there in her nightgown staring down i would probably scream and run outta there rather then walk past her to wherever they were going …

  62. God who CARES if it’s fake. I enjoyed watching it. Which… is the point… riiiiiigggghhhht? Anyway, I think it would be weirder for it to be fake than for it to be real. Why would someone FAKE a prank instead of just DOING it? And the reactions don’t seem melodramatic and staged to me at all. If you think that you wouldn’t jump out of your skin and then cautiously skirt around that girl in that situation, then you’re lying.
    And for all of you saying “Well duh it’s fake because she didn’t even react to the guys first blow to her head”. Have you ever been struck unexpectedly in the middle of an innocent activity? Because very often when that happens, it takes you a minute to react to something that was so out of left field. One time this totally socially awkward guy just slapped my friend right across the face for NO reason and everyone there just stood there for a good 20 seconds in complete shock not even being able to REGISTER that that had just happened, let alone do anything.

  63. As another piece of evidence for fakery notice that there is perfect escalation in the victims reactions. Each one is a little more extreme than the one before.

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