Glove will beat you at rock paper scissors


This nifty glove made with an arduino mini microcontroller, flex sensors, and axis accelerometers learns your rock-paper-scissors movements and tries to beat you. You can make one yourself by following some instructions on designer Steve Hoefer's web site.


  1. If you don’t even have a friend that will play RPS w/ you, you need to get away from the keyboard and get a life.

  2. Glove will beat you at rochambo … then bullies will beat you when they catch you wearing said glove.

  3. I was expecting a device that would see what the RPS enemy has done (in a split second) and forms your hand to the appropriate response… position? That would be even neat, but winning all the time would be quite boring I guess.

  4. A cool project, but it seems like the screen is upside down for ‘rock’ and ‘scissors’, doesn’t it? Maybe wrist mounting it would be more usable…

  5. You mean to say, it feels what your hand is doing, and then projects the one that beats what you’re holding?

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