Two idiots call for President Obama's assassination on Twitter

In the past two days, two idiots tweeted that President Barack Obama should be assassinated, apparently incensed over the health care reform vote. @THHEE_JAY, identified as Jay Martin, tweeted just that, and followed up with "If I lived in DC. I'd shoot him myself. Dead f***ing serious." A day earlier, one Solly Forell tweeted, "ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the Assassinations and Lincoln & Kennedy. We'll surely get over a bullet to Barrack Obama's head." Incidentally, both people happened to be black, and both self-identify as conservatives. They've both been paid visits by their new pals at the Secret Service.


  1. The very fact that these individuals were seemingly oblivious of the risk they put themselves in by posting about such things speaks to their general level of intellect.

    1. GeekMan, you’re absolutely correct. It’s scary, however, seeing how many idiots are amongst us. No doubt many are Tea Party members, and my advice to them is to travel to Boston and then make like Tea – Jump in the ocean.

  2. The really good thing is that somebody in the US still dislikes these calls… in Italy everybody under the sun calls for the killing of the Prime Minister (whom I disagree with) but almost nobody gets offended about it. Yours is still an awesome country!!!

  3. These guys are right in line with the racists and homophobes who were screaming at members of Congress yesterday. There are still intelligent, rational conservatives out there, right? Somewhere?

    1. You only notice the morons on the other side of the political spectrum.

      The same stupidity comes from both sides. Doesn’t matter who’s president, the Secret Service is always investigating someone for making stupid threats against the president. Both sides of the aisle are equally culpable for the fact that there’s no such thing as ‘loyal opposition’ anymore.

      1. As it happens, though, there is considerably more stupidity coming from one side than the other. A quote from the article at this link:

        “Since Mr Obama took office, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400 per cent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W. Bush, according to Ronald Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service.”

        1. Where in there does it say that these idiots are coming from one side or the other? Oh, I forgot all Republicans disagree with Obama and all Democrats agree with him. No deviations from this rule. Also, no other political parties exist at all.

        2. “Since Mr Obama took office, the rate of threats against the president has increased 400 per cent from the 3,000 a year or so under President George W. Bush, according to Ronald Kessler, author of In the President’s Secret Service.”

          IMO, the ideals of conservatism revolve around the concept of individuals productively making their way through a stable and unregulated environment.

          Given this emphasis on individualism it stands to reason that there would be a greater number of conservative folks who take policy clashes as direct assaults on their own personal identity. Add to this a party that actively heightens this reality using fear tactics and co-mingles its ideals with religion (a rhetoric of perfection) and, viola!, you get a nice catalyst for extremist behavior.

          Not to say that conservatism is patently unconstructive. There are plenty of good ideas in conservatism but the nature of it doesn’t seem to lend itself to compromise.

      2. There don’t seem to be a lot of anti-John Boehner death tweets. If there were I’m sure he’d be tearfully hawking them in a press release.

      3. You lie!

        Sorry, but no. These tea-baggers have upped the ante of late, taking public discourse to an all new low, as demonstrated by the frothing of GOP leaders.

        No delegates interrupted bush’s televised speeches with loud outbursts, and no Dem ever told other duly elected representatives to fuck themselves on microphone on the senate floor. People showed their disapproval by wearing slogans on T-shirts, which they were promptly arrested for.

        1. Although protesters pelted Bush’s limo with stones and eggs at his first inauguration, and disrupted countless events where he was trying to speak. I never heard a hint of outrage from liberals or progressives about it, though – in fact, more often than not it was congratulated.

          If you don’t like people being mean to Obama because you think he’s a nice guy, ok. But don’t try to dress it up in this faux concern for “respecting the president” or an insistence on calm, reasonable discourse. Dissent is a central part of civic life, and we should address the message, rather than the methods dissenters are using. ‘Cause honestly, if the absolute worst we have to put up with is people being rude, sometimes yelling over each other, and occasionally talking smack, that seems commendably civil to me.

        2. Bush was heckled at two State of the Union addresses. You tend to filter out a lot of the frothing when it comes to your side of the aisle. (You the nebulous generality, not you specifically.) I imagine a lot of the investigations into vague threats against the president that must be investigated have a lot to with psychotic racist elements which are not just a problem on the right.

          Just because some anecdotal individual is only half informed doesn’t mean the source he originally learned the information from was.

          The bottom two quartiles of income earners pay negative income taxes, IIRC. The bottom 50% comes out somewhere around 0%. The threshold for paying income tax may have creeped up a bit higher now with more tax credits in place. The top few percent of income earners pay most of the income tax collected by the government. Things like medicare/social security are supposed to be insurance-like programs that everyone who can collect has to pay into, so they’re a bit different. People should actually have to contribute something other than the CO2 they exhale. Safety net vs. comfy hammock.

          Don’t know where the defense spending line came from. As a percentage of GDP or national wealth or something vs. other premier economies, or as a proportion of government spending, possibly. But that’s not right, either. Vast amounts of the federal budget are spent on transfer payments. I’m sure, given enough time and statistics I could come up with some bizarre defense that’s technically true, but it wouldn’t be very intellectually honest. The US spends a lot on defense. Most of the West spends proportionately the same, with a few things considered (i.e. most NATO countries have to rely on the US for logistics for everything from emergency aid/troop delivery to getting materiel to combat zones).

          Global warming itself is real, or was depending on what is currently happening. I’m skeptical of anthropogenic global warming as argued by the more leftward lefties on the left. We are probably going to be cooling for a few years now, due to the extreme solar minimum, but there was warming. It happens. It has happened before.

          Both parties caused the crisis. Both parties awarded seats at Fanny and Freddie as political awards. Both ad layer upon layer of regulation without ever refining what exists. Both sides add different kinds of regulation. Both use it as a lever to pay off those who vote for them.

          *Most* Americans have health insurance, nearly three hundred million of them. Everyone grumbles about certain issues with it. The problem with the bill passed is it only vaguely deals with the problems, and is mostly filled with power grabs and pet projects. I don’t trust the government to run anything, let alone a vast segment of the economy. They’re not good at it.

          I’ve yet to see a poll that establishes anything giving any real detail. The bill that passed polled pretty negatively compared to polls about whether the insurance system needs fixing.

          Public option is bad unless your goal is to destroy the industry and have the government take control. The government can’t even keep a balanced budget now without swallowing a few trillion dollars more spending. Even more layers of beaurocracy don’t fix anything.

          The Constitution wasn’t slashed for 8 years. Hyperbole. If you want to see Constitutional slashing, look into the 1804 version of the Supreme Court. The Framers weren’t even dead yet and still they dismantled most of what the intent of the document was.

          Industry special interests weren’t the only ones that got to put things into the bill. Unions fought against the tax on cadillac health plans for selfish reasons, for example. Special interests are special interests and do what they do.

          To be fair, just because you have opinions, too, doesn’t make yours the correct ones or your conclusions are fore-drawn just because you choose to debate some ignorant security guard.

          1. Bush was heckled at two State of the Union addresses

            Prove it. I watched those addresses, painfully, and the Dems politely applauded. No one shouted “You lie!” though every word out of that man’s mouth was complete bullshit his handlers and conservative ideologues had planted there.

            Please see the two other people’s responses to your earlier comment who have produced citations refuting your assertion that death threats are equal no matter which party is in office. You are trying to create a false equivalency here as justification for such behavior, and it is not working (if we stick to verifiable facts.)

            By bringing up the daily barrage of misinformation I have to deal with, whether I choose to debate it or not, I was trying to shed some light on where such folks might be coming from, stoked by talking points planted in their tiny brains that are designed to be deceptively manipulative, playing into the insecurities of the ignorant. The fact that you choose to try to validate some of these points, yet veer greatly from addressing them as espoused, is very telling of your own bias.

            I have spent most of my life in what would be considered the bottom half of the income bracket in this country, and yet have paid a buttload of income tax every year. We are not talking comparative % either. They guy said that 2/3 of the people in this country pay no taxes at all. Zero. Nada. I have not claimed to have any monopoly on correctness, but by any measure, this is complete and utter bullshit, and the figure itself seems designed to rile folks up, which is my basic point. Vague figures like this serve no other purpose. If the goal is to be useful in a factual sense, then the comparison should be for all wage-earning Americans, and I know we don’t have 2/3 of the population earning below the poverty line. Yet.

            If you don’t see how the Patriot Act and other erosions of our civil liberties have occurred in the last 8 years, then I have to wonder whether you are seriously deluded, living under a rock, or just trolling. Do you read any other of the content of this site which daily provides such evidence, or are you too busy getting your “facts” from Faux news?

            The points you bring up about the healthcare bill, I mean law, are beside the point entirely. My point again is that a lot of disinformation is being disseminated by the right wing pundits right now that is patently untrue, reckless, and damaging to our democratic process. This does not have an equivalency on the left, no matter how much you would like to make it so.

            That is all I will say on the matter here, out of deference to Antinous’ request, but I thought it was important to politely rebut your response. Good day!

      4. These are actual quotes of a security guard where I work, who insists upon foisting this complete bullshit upon me almost daily (I guess because I look like a “liberal”), just to demonstrate the kind of ignorance that is filtering down from Faux News through the punditsphere to motivate these folks. And by the way, he really seems to believe this crap:

        “2/3 of Americans don’t pay any taxes.”

        Ok, maybe if you count children, the homeless, and animals.

        “America spends less on defense than any other country.”

        Wow. Quite an absolute inversion of the truth there.

        “There is no evidence that global warming is real. It’s all a vast liberal conspiracy.”

        -To what end, I wonder..?

        “Liberals caused the current economic crisis with their over-regulation.”

        Where to begin with that one.

        “Most Americans are completely happy with the healthcare system in this country as it is.”

        When I showed him polls refuting this, he said the pollsters are all lying. Every one of them.

        “The healthcare bill just passed is going to have the IRS start fining people for not having health insurance. The people are going to rise up against this injustice.”

        Yeah, even with no public option.

        We stood by for 8 years of slashing the Constitution, but we’re not going to stand for a little insurance regulation written by the industry lobbyists themselves?

        There are tons of other examples. This is just the handful that come to mind. I feel sorry for folks like this. They are being blatantly manipulated, and yet they refuse to accept any facts refuting these fore-drawn conclusions from any credible source, Gawd bless them.

    2. They’re around. I think they’re afraid to call themselves conservatives these days. I really miss them…

    3. Yes, but I am certainly a minority of a party of palinites. I am also in favor of replacing flesh people with robots, which a lot of people from both sides of the political spectrum seem to find unpalatable. Sometimes I fear my brand of radical post-human conservatism will never attain political ascendancy.

    4. David Frum, but he was Canadian (I believe he’s a US citizen now) – so you probably don’t count him.

    5. @ilumnatr:

      There are still intelligent, rational conservatives out there, right? Somewhere?

      I don’t know that much about David Frum otherwise, but his article the other day about how the conservatives had completely screwed themselves over the health care bill was quite good.


      After reading a couple of Wikipedia articles vandalied by the same 14-year-old Wikinazi demanding source cites for every single sentence, I find lacking of faith combined with inability to look up facts for one’s self before questioning just a bit pathetic…

      Trust me, that’s much, much better than the alternative, which is that wikipedia articles have no basis in fact, no way to check said facts, and no respectability at all. This is the way wikipedia was until a few years ago. Now you can actually trust what you read in most articles at least if you double-check the citations.

      I always find that the people who are whining about “wikinazis” are the ones who want to put “facts” in wikipedia that there is no evidence for. If you can’t show that a statement is true, why does it belong in an encyclopedia?

  4. Yep – given it’s a legal requirement for the Secret Service to investigate ALL perceived threats, no matter how obscure, they just might as well have dialed it up themselves and had coffee waiting.


    1. I think it takes a certain amount of self-loathing to be a black conservative anyway. Maybe they wanted to bring themselves down because they were black?

      1. “I think it takes a certain amount of self-loathing to be a black conservative anyway.”

        This is probably true in some cases, but I wouldn’t care to generalize.

        One my old high school teachers (and friend, and neighbor) is both black and conservative; I can detect no self-loathing in him, quite the contrary.

        My take is that he has sided with the party of self-interest: the Republicans have more money, or at least a more matter-of-fact attitude about the desirability and goodness of money.

  5. Oh noes, the insurance industry has some semblance of regulation! ITS THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE!

  6. Ilumnatr- I think they’re all in hiding, because God knows the only thing the screaming fringe hates worse than their enemies are the ‘heretics’.

  7. “They’ve both been paid visits by their new pals at the Secret Service. ”

    And you know that how?

    1. … from the linked story: “The Secret Service is investigating two Twitter users who, apparently angered by the passage of the health care reform bill, took to the Internet Sunday to call for the assassination of President Obama.”

    2. Maybe he knows it because he read the article he linked to in the sentence you’re refering to?

    3. The red words in the post are “hyperlinks”

      If you “click” on them, your “web browser” will display a news story that confirms the visit from the Secret Service.

      I hope this clears up any confusion.

      1. It is reasonable to assume that both are being investigated after reading this article but that is, currently, simply not the case.

        Are you sure you clicked the “hyperlinks” in red words and read the article with full comprehension?

        1. From the ABC News link:

          The Secret Service is investigating two Twitter users who, apparently angered by the passage of the health care reform bill, took to the Internet Sunday to call for the assassination of President Obama.

          I’m not actually sure how much clearer that sentence could be.

          1. I’m not actually sure how much clearer that sentence could be.

            Yeah, but do they mean ‘investigating’ in an epistemological sense or in a phenomenological sense?

  8. So . . . Jay Martin is outraged enough about the health care bill to resort to murder, but not enough to travel more than a few miles to do it?

    @hinten: The article I read about Forell said he was under investigation.

  9. Actually, it’s not that sentence, duh. But, still, it’s in the first link in the very first sentence.

    1. I was thinking about @THHEE_JAY when I wrote my comment. I had read about this on another blog and they had an email interview with this individual. He confirmed that he had not been contacted by the authorities yet.

      I guess this article might make you think that the SS visit applies to both individuals but that’s not the case.

      I leave it to you to decide who has more reading skill problems.

  10. “Incidentally, both people happened to be black” …how do we know this? please tell me this assumption is not based only that they chose a ‘self photo’ that depicted a black person?

    1. “”Incidentally, both people happened to be black” …how do we know this? “

      …And lemme guess: once *that* proof is shown, your next questions will be “how do we know they’re people?” and “how do we know there were two of them?”

      Yeah, I know. After reading a couple of Wikipedia articles vandalied by the same 14-year-old Wikinazi demanding source cites for every single sentence, I find lacking of faith combined with inability to look up facts for one’s self before questioning just a bit pathetic…

  11. This is a truly sad day. Is it possible that in a couple of years, we will no longer be point our fingers at America and say “see, at least their health care is worse than ours, even though we’re a poor third world nation”.

  12. Ah, the iconic blunder of audible or legible musings of democratic regicide… me and the NSA guys were having a laugh riot even before the Secret Service agents called and had them trace these noobs addresses.
    Yes kids, even trolling can be a federal offense sometimes… roll on snare.

  13. How many actual would-be presidential assassins have actually broadcast their intent? Definitely just a couple of loudmouth wannabes in this story.

  14. It’s a strange and disturbing tendency in America for people to make claims of desire for the suffering, harm, and death of others whom they disagree with.

    Sometimes I wish there were a place in the world where all the people who have empathy and compassion could immigrate to, and which would not allow misanthropes and the like. That may sound like a desire for a utopia, but if wishing to belong to a culture that rejects violence, misery, cruelty, and stupidity is utopian, that speaks very grimly about the world as it is today.

    ~D. Walker

    1. Twitter is fully searchable, and it has an open API that allows for third-party apps. The one I use lets me know every time anyone mentions my name on Twitter.

      1. Wow, how often is that?
        Yeah, thanks. I figured, but this leads up to they are monitoring A LOT of tweets, since the president’s name must get a ton of play. Hate to be the one to say it here, too, since I think assassinating the president is just hasty when you could get Chinese people to cripple the whole grid much easier (chuckle), but I’d like to imagine a democracy where you had to make a much, much bigger splash to get the attention of the Secret Service or the CIA. Or the TSA for that matter. Sure the tweets sounded dumb, but it makes me edgy to think that that fast the black coats show up at your doorstep.

        1. “I’d like to imagine a democracy where you had to make a much, much bigger splash to get the attention of the Secret Service”

          Not me.. I’m glad they investigate stuff like this. It’s an idiotic thing to say and shows a weak mind capable of violence as surely as torturing animals does.

          1. ouch.
            Well, that’s a difference of opinion we have there, but I respect yours, and if you want to post again, I’d read your reasons.

            For the record, after hundreds of years, there are still no scientifically agreed-upon measures for determining the relative strength or weakness of minds, though they may in fact be in the testing phase for the “sample one line from a comment thread” method after everything else failed to lead to a consensus.

  15. 0 repub votes. They are trying their best to destory the U.S. but failing miserably. It made me so happy to see the furious morons protesting outside and the indignant shouting inside after the republicans’ months of scare tactics and dirty politics ammounted to nothing.

    Dems FTW.

    1. Boy, they had sure better comply . . . or they could be whacked in the face and sent to Canada in their shirtsleeves. After the tasing, I mean. Or hell, any old time.

  16. Both will be investigated. Knowing someone who once said something as stupid…they will show up on his doorstep, they merely have not yet. The Secret Service must investigate ALL death threats against the President.

    As for my acquaintance? He was a HS kid at the time. It ended up costing him his chance for a career in Law Enforcement.

  17. @llazy8
    Echelon has been touted as the great telecom vacuum,capturing almost all communication around the world, even though it has not been officially acknowledged. From reports, nearly everything gets sucked in and the system keeps patterns, words, and establishes links between senders. Their algorithms discard almost everything, but I assume someone looks at a list of interest every day. has a lot of info if you are interested.
    As for the SS getting the info from the NSA, given the legal boundaries they face, I believe the Patriot Act has provided pretty wide leeway.

  18. I’m guessing these two idiots are House Minority Leader John Boehner and Texas Rep Randy Neugebauer

  19. Best view of what’s happening in the hate/wacko world that I know of is the Southern Poverty Law Center’s periodic reports. There is, unfortunately, still a lot of organized hate in the country and some of it is actively trying to tap every social annoyance it can to win support… and the Tea Party know-nothings and those who are egging them on are Really Not Helping the situation.

    Scary reminder that half the populace, by definition, is of below-average intelligence…

    1. The SPLC still has far too much work to do, sadly. You would think that, by now, their job would have gotten somewhat easier.

    2. “Scary reminder that half the populace, by definition, is of below-average intelligence…”

      Half below the median: yes. Half below average: not necessarily.
  20. I’ve always been extremely harsh with anyone who said that the President should be assassinated.

    That said, I’m worried for a couple of reasons. We are past due on an assassination attempt. It was happening every 20 years until Bush somehow escaped (to the dismay of many I’m sure). No matter the motive or race of the assassin, racial relations would be seriously hampered maybe permanently.

    Now is a wacko gonna think about how he would hurt race relations and only accomplish the exact opposite of what he’s going for by making Obama a martyr? Probably not. But I try my darnedest to smack some sense to my compatriots on the right.

  21. Ironically these idiots are the most likely to benefit from public healthcare. I doubt they have jobs that give them insurance.

    I don’t understand the crazed reaction right-wingers have anyway. Still bitter that he soundly won a popular election? What has he done they don’t like? They still have all their guns, Bush’s wars are still on, they still have their “support our troops” stickers, most of the nation’s wealth is still in 5% of the population’s hands. What more could they want?

  22. I can not get my head around wanting to kill someone because they wrote a law saying that no matter what your life circumstances are, you are entitled to receive medical treatment for illness or injury. I mean seriously, do the people that oppose this genuinely believe that they will never be unemployed? Will never go bankrupt? What about college students? What do they think they are going to do if their HMO declines their claim and they run out of assets to mortgage?

    It makes absolutely no sense to me. Thank the invisible magic gender neutral nondenominational deity that I live in Australia, quite honestly. You USAtians may have a lot of great stuff about your country, but your compassion for the poor/unlucky/temporarily fiscally challenged and basic common sense are severely lacking.

    Making sure that your citizens are fed, housed and healthy regardless of their income is not communism, it’s compassion. Doesn’t the christian bible that so many ‘conservatives’ proclaim as the central text of their religious beliefs say something about treating others the way you want to be treated? And loving all (wo)men, even if you don’t like them?

    Apologies to any USAtian who agrees with me, obviously I am aware that my sweeping generalisations are just that, and do not apply to every single American who ever lived.

    Also sorry for the length, but I really needed to get this out.

    1. It’s really not the average American, just the monied interests/oligarchy that’s largely in charge. The majority of us did elect Obama. There’s a large number that pride themselves on self-reliance to a fault, and have enshrined that above compassion. It seems crazy to a lot of us (Americans) too.

  23. Look–conservatives are worried about their wallets. That’s what’s up with the healthcare deal. They’re gonna get taxed. They hate taxes. The “the gov’t is in your back pocket” is the subtext of almost every right wing news report or talking point. I don’t wanna pay taxes either, especially, but I just wanted to explain the mindset that is against the healthcare bill (nee) law.

  24. “GAWKER: Would you consider yourself a Conservative?
    JAY: I’m not political. I don’t believe our Government has its citizen’s best interest in mind whether Democrat or Republican.”
    It’s worth noting that neither idiot made legally actionable statements, although the standard for getting a visit from secret service is lower. (I will preface my remarks by hoping that Obama lives a long and happy life, and resigns tomorrow.) Propositions of the form If (condition contrary to fact) Then (outrageous claim) are… darn it’s been along time since I had symbolic logic 101. But they aren’t actionable. The other guy uses one word, which itself is not a sentence, so is not an actionable sentence. All caps and an exclamation point don’t change that. His second sentence seems to be a prediction that someone else might kill somebody, not that he intends to do so himself. Not actionable.
    The first guy was a rapper, er, hip-hop artist, looking for “street cred”. Neither of these idiots are subject to arrest for these tweets. The secret service lacks the resources to investigate everyone who thinks that some current or former or future president is at risk of being killed. It would make sense for them to concentrate on actual threats. The investigations in this case are just security theater,and I doubt they consider these high risk incidents. The secret service generally is pretty good at what they do, maintaining a balance between accomplishing their goals while retaining civil liberties for idiots.

  25. Security theater is right. But not pointless, though. It would make sense to make a big show out of investigating the most public threats, if only to discourage the threats of others. With dozens of threats a day, I expect they’re stretched thin already, and discouraging people from wasting their time probably does improve security.

  26. @d3matt: “We are past due on an assassination attempt. It was happening every 20 years until Bush somehow escaped (to the dismay of many I’m sure).”

    I suspect it’s because anybody who was clear-thinking enough to put together a workable plan to shoot George W Bush would have realized that if the plan worked, then we’d just have President Cheney.

  27. I consider myself conservative on some things and liberal on others. I vote for the person not the party. Registered Independent. As far as the matter of more threats on Obama than Bush, seems to me the people who don’t like Obama are more reactionary and crazy/dramatic in their response…i.e….birthers, teabaggers, secessionists etc. I didn’t like Bush, nor did a lot of other people that I know during his terms, however I feel we were more mature and had more class as Americans not to go running him down. I support and respect any person that has won the oval office by popular vote. However, it does not mean that I agree with them or even like them. But I am an American first and then the political party should come second. Why the ‘right’ that is so vocally negative and even to this extreme, threatening, can’t have the same respect is beyond me. Obama’s party doesn’t have any Rush Limbaughs and that ilk egging them on in radical stances either….at least as far as I know. And one might say they need some more aggressive ‘spin doctors’ too, but then that would be stooping to that level, which IMHO is worse!

  28. This is a free speech issue. Obviously if there’s evidence that someone poses a serious threat to the safety of someone else, you’ve got to investigate further to establish whether they really are a threat. Beyond that, there’s no justification for any response by the authorities.

    And it’s pretty clear that this isn’t a real threat. I mean, seriously…you would kill the president if you lived in DC, but otherwise it’s just too much of a commute? How much more obvious could it be that this is just an internet tough guy expressing a political opinion? And saying that we should kill the president /is/ a political opinion, regardless of how offensive y’all find it.

    For one, creating a taboo around openly discussing assassination just makes the crazy white supremacists harder to find. For two, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to feel that assassination of a head of state might be a good idea, and that includes the head of state of one’s own country. Using the secret service to intimidate people out of exercising controversial freedom of speech is a Bush move. Don’t start celebrating it now.

    1. There’s free speech and then there’s speech that’s incitement to take up violence. There’s a distinction there.

      Just because the tweet doesn’t follow Strunk and White’s Elements of Style doesn’t mean that it’s not worth the Secret Service’s time. The people who write threats by hand usually have misspelled words, all capital letters and too many exclamation points. How can they tell if it’s a serious threat or just a rant without looking into it?

  29. Jeepers. This type of thread must be a PITA for the Secret Service. Every buzzword and phrase they likely track is on here – but no one is actually threatening the president. Quite the opposite, in fact.

    So – apologies to the Secret Service person who has to read all these. Keep up the good work!

  30. One interesting development is that the wish to see the president killed now seems to come from the intellectual dregs of society, the fringe miscreants who no decent person of any political stripe would give the time of day, whereas under Bush those wishes were also expressed by mainstream goofbags like Craig Kilborn and Randi Rhodes.

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