Makers audiobook: direct from the author, no DRM, no EULA


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  1. yasth says:

    Is there anyway you could drop it into m4b format? I mean I can do it myself easy enough, but I really shouldn’t have to because like no one uses CDs anymore.

    It would still be DRM free, just in a more reasonable format for use.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Might I suggest you get Spider Robinson to record Little Brother? He reads so beautifully on his podcast!

  3. arikol says:

    Good to know. I will buy it within two weeks.

  4. spookie says:

    I assume this explains why it was available at Audible a few days ago, then when I went back today to buy it (waiting for my credits to come through as it was pretty expensive–not that Cory’s not worth it but I tend to use credits for the most expensive books–just makes good economic sense–and it was GONE!!!! I was so pissed at myself for not just buying it. As long as I can get it, I’m good. I like read while I work ( I work sitting in front of a computer all day) and was so looking forward to this as the only other Doctorow I’ve read at work was “when Sysadmins Ruled the World” read by him on podcast. Anyway, thank heavens it’s still around. Got to go back to work right now since (stupid waste of time) signup to comment took up all my time so I have to buy the book later. Thanks, Boing Boing. Really.

  5. Myrcurial says:

    Smartness is rewarded. Just purchased. Downloading now. Thanks for making it easy to treat an author with respect instead of middle-men induced derision.

    Oh, and seconding an .m4b version – I know you hates the Jobses but the MP3 player on the smartphone from just down the 401 from where we were both born kinda sucks and blows simultaneously.

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