Today is a special day in Simpsons history


Boing Boing pal David Silverman, who shares the classic Simpsons sketch above, says, "23 years ago today on March 23rd, 1987, we had a meeting with Matt Groening. And then Wes Archer, Bill Kopp, and I started animating the very first Simpsons short for The Tracey Ullman Show, in a studio on 729 N. Seward Street. We all thought it was pretty funny." [And we do too, David.—XJ]


  1. I still remember the night when i first watched the first short on Tracy Ullman, I was hooked since then… for 23 years!

  2. Well where I’m from we didn’t have the Tracy Ullman show. I did, however, begin to watch the simpsons from the very first episode at the tender age of seven. I remember that I was one year younger than Lisa. It’s slightly scary to think how much the simpsons influenced by life. In a good way though :)

  3. Married with Children came out in April of 1987 — so maybe they didn’t get the idea for the Simpsons from that show like people say.

  4. What’s to celebrate? The show had 2 1/2 years of excellence, then it became The Flintstones. Pull the plug on this stinkfest aleady.

    1. @skorpio – turning your nose up at a hugely influential piece of pop culture impresses me that you are quite the sophisticate. And from what I’ve heard from various talent agents about acts performed by the sophisticates, I can see how you would be unimpressed by the simpsons.

      Also, I can’t help but think of Hank Scorpio in the brilliant episode “You only move twice” from the 8th season.

  5. Thank you for showing up to that meeting, David, and for all the beautiful, amazing work you’ve done since then.

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