UK record lobby: democracy is a waste of time

Richard Mollet, Director of Public Affairs for the BPI (the UK record industry lobby) has gone on record saying that Parliament shouldn't debate the Digital Economy Bill. This is the same Richard Mollet who wrote the infamous internal memo that said that if Parliament were to debate the Bill, it would die. Way to subvert democracy, record industry. (Thanks, Jim!)

Update: Writing on behalf of the BPI, Adam Liversage, BPI Director of Communications, says,

Richard Mollet categorically did not say "there is no further need for debate" at the Counter 2010 conference, as ORG have incorrectly claimed today. Your piece stating that BPI "has gone on record saying that Parliament shouldn't debate the Digital Economy Bill" unfortunately also isn't correct, I'm afraid.

What he actually said was that the Bill has received detailed scrutiny in the Lords, which has resulted in significant amendments being made to it. When asked about the prospects for the Bill in the Commons, he said that this was a matter for the Government's business managers.

I've asked him for a recording of Mollet's exact remarks, and asked ORG for the same.


  1. I wish I could be in London for the demonstrations, this evening.. I can shout loud :)

  2. ….and who is standing as Labour candidate in my constituency! Doesn’t care about Parliamentary debate, wont win a seat, apologist for anachronistic business sector…Let’s hope he has some nice hobbies.

  3. I think this might be the same Adam Liversage who was BT’s spokesman when they wanted to introduce Phorm.

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