Trick photography book about an adorable doggie, 1954

In 1954, accomplished jazz photographer William P. Gottlieb created a Little Golden Book called Laddie the Superdog consisting of trick photos of an adorable doggie doing impossible things (it was the accompaniment to a film-strip of the same name). The results are still delightful, 56 years later, and the Kansas City Pitch's Crap Archivist does a great job bringing you the highlights. I had no idea this cat existed before now, but I've just signed up to his RSS feed.

Laddie the Superdog (Thanks, Gus!)


  1. Cory, do you have ties to KC? I’ve seen several posts from you that makes me wonder if you didn’t grow up here or something…

  2. I wanna see the picture in which that plank ‘wall’ is still the wall while Laddie is walking on the floor!

  3. OMG! I had that book! And I remember LOVING it! And i forgotten all about it til now, but soon as i saw the pic above i remembered that one of him standing on the water! Oh man!

  4. Wow! This is my grandfather’s book. Neat to see it online after so long. I still have my copy.

    To respond to the ‘shopped’ comment above, I’ll just say that this was way before Photoshop. Like my others pointed out, Laddie is walking on the floor and Bruce is laying down (that’s why the books on the side table have to be stacked toward the wall).

    Great post! Thanks for the memories!

  5. Laddie was our family dog (before I was born) and is in a few golden books. My dad, William Gottlieb, wrote and photographed a half dozen golden books and one large sized one, “The Four Seasons”.

    Some of the other trick shots in Laddie the Superdog, including the one Feenicks remembers, are not as easy to figure out as this one!

    I actually have a few mint condition signed copies of his Golden books if any of you are interested.

    Ed Gottlieb
    The Golden Age of Jazz

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