Weekly World News announces Bat Boy manga


21 Responses to “Weekly World News announces Bat Boy manga”

  1. kc0bbq says:

    We lost a great paper when the WWN went away. :(

  2. tubgull says:

    Looks shopped.

    • Ambiguity says:

      Looks shopped.

      I am left speechless by your comment. I…I….

      Have you ever read the WWN?

      This is kind of like saying, of The Onion, “I think they just make that crap up.”

      • tubgull says:

        I’m pretty sure the Onion just makes crap up. I can tell.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        But, in this cased, it isn’t shopped. Unless you count the logo.

        • markbellis says:

          And count the number of shadows that Yuko-chan’s legs cast.

          • aelfscine says:

            Could she just be getting hit by light sources from two different directions? Even if it’s not shopped, it’s certainly staged.

          • markbellis says:

            She was – she was shot in a studio against a seamless background with two lights behind her and then put in the photo. The pedestrians and the planter behind her cast only one shadow pointing away from the sun. I liked how WWN always made its fake photos look REALLY fake.

  3. UncaScrooge says:

    This creation will never be as fine as Octopus Girl. Read and distribute!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ed Anger, DAMMIT!

  5. Anonymous says:

    an echo of giants and toys

  6. cinemajay says:

    Man, I really want that ray gun!

  7. kc0bbq says:

    My copy of Bat Boy Lives! is out in my truck, maybe I should be reading it again.

    The WWN random headline generator sometimes got a bit stuck. “Statue of Elvis found on Moon” was followed a short time later with “Statue of Elvis found on Mars”. I miss it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is such a great article. I am stoked that WWN just came out with the life story of an American Icon, Bat Boy
    Going Mutant

  9. markbellis says:

    Also, I think the Buddha quote might be Henry Miller’s original work – Siddhārtha lived in a largely oral culture – even his ideas weren’t written down until years after his death, so the “No matter where you read it” quote sounds much more 20th Century American than 5th Century BCE Indian.

  10. aelfscine says:

    The American news media has a lot to learn from this proud bastion of free thought. *salutes*

  11. i_prefer_yeti says:

    Attn Yuko! Reliable sources have informed me that Bat Boy has crawled into my pants. May I suggest your immediate scrutiny of this matter?

  12. Taro 3Yen says:

    Basically, Japan is sending a mutant girl, to catch a mutant boy.
    Check out the photos below from Yuko Arashi’s website that even gives a peek at her daibolical disguises that she will employ to beguile and capture Bat Boy.

    See: http://❥.ws/batboy

    • den4 says:

      Nice to see an eternal loop going on between 3-yen and boingboing and the batboy. Eternal loops are what WWN and 3yen is all about…

  13. Anonymous says:

    i miss Angry Ed… and i hope that makes him angry!