Weekly World News announces Bat Boy manga

Weekly World News' most famous living mutant, Bat Boy, is pursued in NYC's Times Square by Japanese Idol Yuko Arashi.

Most people know that Buddha said:

Believe nothing,

No matter where you read it,

Or who has said it,

Not even if I have said it,

Unless it agrees with your own reason

And your own common sense.
This is good advice, but I when it comes to the Weekly World News, I make an exception. With a flawless record for rock-solid reporting, "The World's Only Reliable News" beats direct competitors, such as Pravda.ru and The Weekly Standard.

That's why I took this press release about the creation of the first Bat Boy manga and a Japanese language version of the Weekly World News website with the seriousness it deserves:

Takushi Chikakane said, "I am very proud to be bringing Bat Boy, Angry Ed and the other members of the WWN family to the millions of fans in the Japanese market. WWN's smart, yet quirky story telling is tailor made for our market. Upon launch we will instantly be one of the most recognizable character libraries in the market. Bat Boy will also become the focal point for an annual award ceremony. The Bat Boy Award will go to famous Japanese media celebrities each year. Very soon, we expect it will be bigger than the Oscar."

Yuko Arashi, stated, "Bat Boy is very cute. I have a doll of him in my room. If I capture him, my fame in Japan will rival that of our biggest Sumo wrestler."

Japanese join hunt to capture Bat Boy