Metzger's Q&A with Cusack on "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Over at the LA Times Brand X blog, Richard Metzger has a Q&A up with (future Boing Boing guestblogger) John Cusack on the '80s nostalgia-loaded Hot Tub Time Machine, which opens today in theaters nationwide. There are thumbs-up reviews in the LA Times and NY Times today too, and a fun NYT Q&A to boot. Here's a related Boing Boing post with trailer and discussion.


  1. I am assuming boingboing is getting paid for this product/movie placement? If so, shouldn’t there be a full disclosure tag line somewhere?

    1. JeffinMontreal,

      You can safely assume that if there is no disclosure, there is no issue.

    2. Sounds more like the folks at BB are promoting something from a friend of theirs. Happens quite often here. Where’ve you been?

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