Gallery: First images, details of Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim game

Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_29.jpg As if this week's teaser trailer premiere of Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World -- the film adaptation of Bryan Lee O'Malley's cult hit comic series (which I have already watched about a thousand times) -- wasn't enough, the first images and details of Ubisoft's game adaptation have come via games culture shop AttractMode. Via AttractMode we learn that the game's art direction and sprite work is being handled by none other than pixel master Paul Robertson -- the same as behind ultra-cute/violent viral videos Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight and Kings of Power 4Billion% -- with music being led by local favorite chip/rock artists Anamanaguchi. While the images show off what appears to be at heart a side-scrolling arcade beat'em'up -- of the same type that would originally influence the comics themselves -- the visual chaos present in these first pics comes from their use backing Anamanaguchi's Penny Arcade Expo performance where they debuted their theme song for the game, graphically glitched and remixed by frequent chipscene visual collaborators Paris and Outpt. Below, then, are a selection of those first images, reprinted with permission, with several handfuls more available via Attract Mode, and video of Anamanaguchi's theme song performed live.
Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_02.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_04.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_07.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_09.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_13.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_18.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_22.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_23.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_30.jpg Scott_Pilgrim_the_Videogame_34.jpg Anamanaguchi's theme song performance, via Edgar Wright:


  1. “This is honestly everything I want in life.
    Along with the restrictive DRM that is sure to come with a UBI Soft Product.?

    Thrill & Joy for all!

  2. “We at Ubisoft are proud to announce that this product will only require two forms of DNA sample from the user to be played at each session, as opposed to the eight our Digital Rights Management system normally requires. We have listened to our customers’ complaints and feel this is a more convenient solution to their DRM needs.”

    Sorry, couldn’t resist taking a swipe at the moron publisher.

  3. Well nasty world-destroying DRM aside, anything Paul Robertson touches is bound to be awesome. Too bad it’s not getting published by an indie.

  4. Too bad they tried to cancel the game, then revived it and moved it to their shovelware ubisoft china studio!

    1. Too bad they removed the person that brought it to the studio, hired the artistic director, and was the soul of the game

  5. Let’s hope these screenshots have been enlarged by a fan or something… Bicubic interpolation and resampling kills pixel art. Nothing worse than fuzzy pixels. Misses the whole point.

  6. … … … I filmed that video and posted it … and it’s gone wild. I’ve struck gold!
    … I’m Crimsong19 on Twitter, Youtube, Flickr … If you wouldn’t mind possibly linking me …

  7. Wow – how awesome for Paul. This is very exciting. Did you guys know that Paul Laurence Robertson doesn’t even have an entry on wikipedia?

    I’d say it is high time!

  8. Holy Socks, people sure are in a flap about Ubisoft, so much so that they can’t dislodge their heads from their butts and get excited about the freaking SCOTT PILGRIM GAME. I mean…Seriously! Guys, what’s the deal here? Yeah I get it Ubisoft=bad but could you put that aside for five minutes and get a little hysterical over how great it is that this licensed game will be upwards of six kinds of awesome?

    1. Yeah, this is likely a console game; no authentication servers needed. The DRM issue is with the PC version of Assassin’s Creed (and honestly locking people out of that game is doing them a favor).

    2. @ Anon #14

      Yeah, it’s awesome. It’s the most enticing looking thing I’ve seen from a large developer in god knows how long. But…

      Don’t belittle those who want to take a stand on Ubisoft’s DRM. They believe, and I agree, that Ubisoft have over-reached, and are very close to open contempt for their customers.

      I want this game. I want it badly. But I also want it still-playable in 3 years time after Ubi have shut down their DRM servers after realising what a fucking godawful idea that was.

      If I buy a game, it’s MINE. Internet or no. I bloody well paid money for it and I’ll play it whenever and wherever I bloody well choose, for fucks sake.

      1. To be thorough Ubisoft has always had some open contempt for customers. Buggy releases, flawed patches (with too few released), abysmal support, and a corporate culture of “somebody else’s problem”… good games get released despite Ubisoft, not because of them.

        Give the same dev talent to a better company and publisher and you’d likely receive better versions of their games.

  9. So, are these actual gameplay screens, or will I actually be able to understand what’s going on while I’m playing?

  10. Is this Paul Robertsons first game? I remember seeing the Pirate Baby video and not being able to believe that someone put so much work into it and it WASN’T a game. It seems so silly to me to think that he designed all those animations (which are gorgeous, funny, and incredibly entertaining) and couldn’t get together with a programmer to make it work as a game (especially after it went viral, putting that on the App Store or on Steam would be highly lucrative, even now).

    If it is indeed his first game, I’m looking forward to giving it a play, Ubi or not.

  11. FYI, these are (I believe) screenshots of the visuals they showed on either side of Anamanaguchi when they played at PAX. I’m pretty sure it’s not gameplay footage although I’m assuming the sprites will be in the game.

  12. It looks like the visuals are actually for a handheld console. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out it was for the DS only. Those visuals on anything less would be an abhoration if I’m honest. Chillax people. I’m sure everything will turn out to be ok. Everybody should just play the Xbox and you wouldn’t even have an opinion on DRM.

  13. it’s not paul first game… he already did

    Torus Games 2001-2003
    The Invincible Ironman – GBA
    Pitfall Harry – GBA

    Magic Pockets – 2003-2004
    Actionman – GBA

    Wayforward – 2004-2008
    Batman – Leapster
    Number Raiders – Leapster
    Word chasers – Leapster
    Sigma Star Saga – GBA
    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – TV GAME
    Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus – GBA
    Looney Tunes Double Pack – GBA
    Tak: The Great Juju Challenge – GBA
    SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature From the Krusty Krab – GBA & DS
    Barbie in the: 12 Dancing Princesses – GBA & DS
    Unfabulous – GBA
    X-Men 3 – GBA
    Justice League Heroes: The Flash – GBA
    American Dragon: Jake Long, Rise of the Huntsclan – GBA
    Contra 4 – DS

    5th Cell – 2006-2008
    Drawn to Life – DS
    Lock’s Quest – DS

    acording to his own blog

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