A serious look at physics in "Hot Tub Time Machine"

Over at io9, an physicist takes a serious look at the physics behind Hot Tub Time Machine. "Let the harrumphing begin!" Includes spoilers. Science aside, I saw the movie over the opening weekend, and laughed a lot. Recommended. Cusack will soon join us here as guestblogger, BTW. (thanks, Wilson Rothman)


  1. Either “a physicist” – meaning one physicist or “Anne Physicist” – meaning a female with a unique family name…

  2. And this is exactly the reason you should NEVER invite a physicist in to a hot tub time machine with you; they will inevitably go on about how it will never work for one reason or another, and of course that will mean that will never have worked because if it did then they wouldn’t be prattling on like that, they would instead be telling you how it must work because it already would have. Also, they’re quite pasty and have a tendency to pee in the tub.

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