Eat white bread, win the war

This stern, solemn woman is determined to keep on eating bread, no matter what happens Over There.

BREAD -- 1942


    1. In Britain white bread was banned — it wastes too much of the wheat. Only the ‘standard’ loaf could be sold, which was wholemeal.

      Also, bread could only be sold once it was one day old, which was supposed to stop people eating the whole loaf while it was still fresh.

  1. I love the “Good Authorities agree” bit. Just above the bread. Well Okay then…I’ll do anything as long as Good Authorities agree.

  2. She’s committed to eating bread while riding a mother f’ing motorcycle. And killing Nazis. Bad ass.

  3. I have it “on good authority” that *brown* bread actually has “extra measure”s of all kinds of stuff because you’re not bleaching the hell out of the wheat and tossing away the bran.

    Besides which, they needed to eat more bread once rationing kicked in and there wasn’t much meat, cheese, etc.

    So: fill yourselves up with wholesome grains kids! (unless you’ve got a *special deal* with your grocer!) — Good Housekeeping

  4. If I’m not mistaken, that’s an Indian Four she’s riding, isn’t it? All the extra lights up top make it look like a Four. 1942 was the last year they made that model, as it was too expensive and heavy. Resources were instead focused on refining the Scout.

    Regardless of the model, that’s an awesome (and huge) bike she’s being portrayed riding. I would love to own a WWII-era Indian.

    1. Def an Indian – not sure the extra lights necessarily imply Four, but agree w/ you on all counts regarding awesomeness.

      Slightly off-topic – a number of years ago I talked to a guy who had a very beat-up barn find Four in the back of his truck. The price he paid for it ($$,$$$) stood my hair on end – can’t imagine what they’re going for now.

      1. Fair enough on the lights, but yeah, nice bike no matter what model it is. After doing a little digging around online, I found a 1940 Scout for about $18k and a ’48 Chief for $27k. I think it helps to consider that these bikes are not only a part of American history, but are beautiful works of art, as well. Unfortunately, I don’t really have that kind of dosh to throw into art right now. Maybe some day. I’ll have to keep scarfing bread so I can work harder to earn the money for the bike.

  5. Ahh, bygone days when there weren’t enough calories to go around and ads had to tell women to gain flesh to bag a man and win the war.

  6. Ya Ive heard from a few people online in the UK people are told not to eat bread.

    The main reason I think this is and also why you should not eat american bread is because during food shortages and rations of world war 2 the US had to change its bread recipe to a rations based model.

    And once the war was over the bread companies either forgot or thought it was cheaper to use the war ration recipe and never changed back to the original bread that we should and deserve to be eating.

    Alot of people look at the poster as a thing of the past, I see the poster as catalyst for a still on-going problem that needs to be address… Just more US corporations making money by poisoning its consumers.

  7. I thought the old axiom was: “The Whiter the Bread the Sooner You’re Dead!” Did I miss a memo?

  8. omfg, My diet is not up to “FULL WAR STANDARDS”. The revised version today would be “If you don’t consume enough Fleischmann’s yeast, it’s like the terrorists have already won.”

  9. White bread actually digests more quickly which is why it can cause blood glucose to spike.
    During the World War II several of the bread brands in the San Francisco area provided plane spotter wheels so kids could tell their profiles from ours.
    Kids typically had their own military uniforms. I have a picture of myself at age 4 wearing one. I have memories of barbed wire barricades on the beaches and anti-aircraft guns at the Golden Gate Bridge.

  10. I have long remembered a article in Consumer Reports where they were testing whole grain breads by feeding the rats only bread. They also included cheap white bread in the study. The rats did better on the cheap white bread. It turned out that the cheap bread had eggs in it. Two messages there for me. Eggs are good for you and so is a balanced diet.

    1. Someone better versed in biology and animal sciences may want to pipe in, but I’m guessing that the rats did better in the short term. Eating a diet of just bread would not be a long-term healthy choice. But bread high in glucose and protein from eggs would fortify you in the short term, making you appear healthy. A human eating a balanced diet would in the long-term benefit from better-quality breads rather than white bread. I’m guessing it would be the same principle as fortified wines (i.e. bum wines). Thunderbird makes you feel full when you don’t have anything to eat.

  11. It’s never time to be frail! Barbie, take an extra slice, sister, you’ll be working night shift in the steel mill.

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