Last Gasp 40th Anniversary Art Show, Thursday in San Francisco


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  1. i_prefer_yeti says:

    freedom of expression, pal.

    Here’s a link to Wed’s tee design for all y’all.

    snazzy tee

  2. David Pescovitz says:

    Thanks, you furry bastard. I updated the post with the link to the rad t-shirt.

  3. Sketch V says:

    Robert Williams should be at the head of that list instead of not on it at all as most of these guys wouldn’t have seen the light of day with out him. You also spelled Stanislav Szukalski wrong.

  4. i_prefer_yeti says:

    I’m barely a bear!

    ‘sides, that’s where I get my superpowers.

    Sf Gate ran a decent blurb on Last Gasp this weekend too:

    Badass Ron

  5. moloko says:

    I attended their Christmas party in 2009. If this art show is anywhere as cool as their office this is something everyone with even a passing interests in comics should DEFINITELY check out.

  6. strangefriend says:

    I’d like to thank Ron Turner & Last Gasp Eco Comics for the following underground comix:
    Laugh in the Dark,Skull, Fantagor, Wimmen’s, Slow Death, Scarlet Pilgrim,Wet Satin, Dr. Atomic, After Shock,Young Lust, Forbidden Knowledge, Middle Class Fantasies, Hup & others too numerous to mention.

  7. i_prefer_yeti says:

    I’ll be there, beotches!

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