Man creates SF out of toothpicks

Scott Weaver of Rohnert Park, California started making the Golden Gate Bridge with toothpicks at the age of 17. Now, thirty-some years later, he's completed an entire replica of San Francisco, with details like the Palace of Fine Arts and surfers at Ocean Beach. Here's a video:

Dude totally recreates San Francisco with toothpicks [Wired]


  1. I know “awesome” is overused. But a life story of a person and a city with toothpicks and ping-pong balls? Yeah, awesome!

  2. What hast thou wrought upon the world, oh labor of love? Toothpicky splendor of a whimsical nature! What could be better than a lifelong endeavor, whittling away the time at things that make us smile. Thank you, Master Toothpick Weaver!

  3. This is just too funny. I just watched “The Dinner Game”, a French Film about a group of intellectuals who go around finding “idiots” and having them over for dinner. The Intellectuals compete to see who can bring the most idiotic person.

    The lead in this film finds a guy who makes models out of toothpicks, like the Golden Gate Bridge. Just too funny!

  4. I’ve seen this live and I’ve got to say that it’s even cooler than it looks in the video. When it gets going, there must be a couple dozen ping pong balls zooming around inside the sculpture. The detail is pretty amazing, too. Interestingly enough the guy that designed and built the Perplexus also lives in the area.

    Rube Goldberg would be proud.

  5. I originally perceived that as “Man creates Science Fiction out of toothpicks”


  6. Elmers glue? Really? I built a fea airplanes out op rulers and popsicle stics and used elmers, but it really sags when wet and I would assume a hot humid day could cause sagging.

  7. an entire replica of San Francisco

    Props to the artist, but this is a misleading, exaggerated description. Yes, he’s created a replica of many SF landmarks, but nowhere near an “entire replica” of all the buildings and landmarks of SF.

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