San Francisco Chronicle comics section goes indy


10 Responses to “San Francisco Chronicle comics section goes indy”

  1. aelfscine says:

    Holy crap, that is so awesome. Enough with these comic that were dead inside 50 years ago and are written by dead men.

  2. hawkd_sf says:

    It’s on Thursday so that you can PLAN your weekend.

    Keith Knight is in the regular comics EVERY DAY.

    There’s still SOME good in the regular comics EVERY DAY, but I will grant you that some are ancient. Although I smile and think fondly of my dear departed father everytime I see Peanuts or Blondie…

  3. schembs says:

    96 hours = from Thursday thru Sunday.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ohw ;

    I am in France and I would love to see an issue of that paper. Do you know how it’s possible ?


  5. Steven Stwalley says:

    That sounds fantastic. They should give Dan O’Neill a full page.

  6. amused says:

    A very good first step toward getting relevant comics back into the newspapers.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It’s probably a one-time thing, though, for the day. Sad.

  8. hhype says:

    Doesn’t your weekend start on Thursday?

  9. UncaScrooge says:

    Wow! Just in time for the Newspocalypse! Imagine if they had done this, say, 25 years ago??

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