San Francisco Chronicle comics section goes indy

The San Francisco Chronicle has revamped the comics section in 96 Hours, its weekend supplement (published on Thursdays!?). The new comics page features all indy comics, instead of the usual dreary syndicate stuff. A maze is threaded through the comic. The new section features Jon Adams, Keith Knight, Sacha Eckes and Michael Capozzola.

Welcome to Friendship Town (Thanks, Jon!)


  1. Ohw ;

    I am in France and I would love to see an issue of that paper. Do you know how it’s possible ?


  2. Holy crap, that is so awesome. Enough with these comic that were dead inside 50 years ago and are written by dead men.

  3. Wow! Just in time for the Newspocalypse! Imagine if they had done this, say, 25 years ago??

  4. It’s on Thursday so that you can PLAN your weekend.

    Keith Knight is in the regular comics EVERY DAY.

    There’s still SOME good in the regular comics EVERY DAY, but I will grant you that some are ancient. Although I smile and think fondly of my dear departed father everytime I see Peanuts or Blondie…

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