NPR on Slapp lawsuits

Nazanin Rafsanjani of NPR's On The Media took a look at legislation aimed at curtailing SLAPP lawsuits -- the kind designed to silence critics rather than right wrongs. As we have some experience of this, I got to tell Rafsanjani all about our case for the segment.


  1. I agree; it was a very good story. Incidentally, SLAPP was also discussed on Friday’s “All Things Considered”, though it didn’t mention the Boingboing vs Magic Jack case. I urge everyone to contact their Congresspeople and ask that they support the anti-SLAPP legislation that is being proposed.

  2. I concur! Great job on the interview. It was interesting to hear mention of my favorite blog on NPR this morning!

  3. So, I heard you on the radio while at my folks for easter, which was unexpected and cool.

    Maybe 10 minutes later my father asks me if I’ve ever heard of Cory Doctorow and then I literally watched him try to get a Cory Doctorow book for his kindle.

    I almost expected Xeni to show up on my TV.

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