Predicting earthquakes with radon gas


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  1. edgore says:

    Would it not be easier to simply monitor Moleman activity? Molemen are much larger than radon gas, and are well known to migrate away from quake sites weeks in advance.

  2. treacle says:

    I wonder if pre-earthquake radon gas releases would be responsible for the mysterious lights in the sky people sometimes see before big ‘quakes. Would radon’s radioactive decay be visible in large quantities? Or would radon react with the Earth’s electromagnetic fields in a visible way?

  3. JT Montreal says:

    From a science perspective, this will be very _very_ difficult to prove one way or the other. It’s virtually impossible to collect sufficient data to show correlation of increased Radon output to subsequent earthquake event unless you cover each earthquake zone with lots of detectors. I don’t know the variability of Radon levels but I’d expect the noise floor to be pretty high…

  4. Anonymous says:

    The KING of the earthquakes.

  5. nerak says:

    The prediction-science aside, all of these large-scale earthquakes really makes one wonder what in the world is going on down there.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Anyone interested in this stuff *has* to read Deep Hot Biosphere by Thomas Gold
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