Beautiful volcano photography


What's better than a volcano? A volcano with the Northern Lights behind it.

Photographer Albert Jakobsson took this awesome shot of Iceland's Eyjafjajokull (gesundheit) volcano. In the full series of photos, you can see Icelanders entertaining themselves by hanging out and roasting hot dogs on the glowing embers of the active, but "lazy", volcano.

(Via, Nerd Heroine)


    1. of course the photographer has all the photos in hi-res versions, just contact him for further information!

  1. It’s not lazy, it’s just unmotivated. Some day that volcano will graduate from college, throw out the bong and Snoop Dogg posters, and wipe out an Italian city.

  2. Very beautiful. But the photographer is TOO CLOSE TO THE VOLCANO.

    And I don’t mean to be funny. A famous photographer passed away not too long ago and a photographer couple did too. So while I am also guilty for clicking on the link to see the photo I am very uncomfortable when I see closeups of volcanoes. Especially when one is suddenly becoming active.

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