Pixels, by Patrick Jean

Update: changed the embed to the official one from One More Production.


  1. Awesome, but I didn’t see anyone put a quarter in the television. In the beginning, those pixels kind of reminded me of the smoke monster (okay, I just watched a Lost episode).

  2. I hope Al-Qaeda doesn’t get their hands on one of those pixel bombs.

    From now on I’m going to keep my eyes open and ANY abandoned TV that crosses my path.

  3. This is why I keep a arcade token on me at all times, along with a mix tape.
    Exit the warrior, today’s Tom Sawyer.

    1. This is one of the most perfect replies to a topic ever. You forgot the bottle of Mountain Dew. :)

  4. Beautifully executed. How long before someone complains that the partial building collapse is too reminiscent of 911 though?

  5. Interesting – the original version up on Vimeo

    doesn’t have the music… I think I prefer that version…

  6. Excellent. If we have to watch NYC get destroyed onscreen *again*, it might as well be AWESOME.

  7. very cool.

    i was hoping that the new TRON would be something like this. not 8 bit but just digitally out of the box and unique

  8. Most awesome thing I’ve seen all day.

    And I think I used to work in that Tetris building.

  9. decided to watch the ‘horrible music’ version.

    I didn’t mind it kinda like something I’d listen to in general but liked the original more though..

    The Wife thinks it detracts from the power of the piece.

    (wha? cause we don’t all live our lives with a hip hop soundtrack going on in the background??)

  10. Fantastic! Gotta like the Commodore advert at the entrance to the subway and the Atari skyscraper. Go Atari!

  11. The PIXELS video currently featured/cited on your account/website/blog is an unofficial version. It does not properly credit One More Production during the opening screen. Any explicit or perceived link with the production company DIVISIONPARIS is fallacious.

    Should you wish to update the link, the official video link is:

    Many thanks,


    One more production

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