Bag made out of a keyboard


Neatorama calls this clutch eco-conscious and fashionably stylish, but I disagree. While recycling a keyboard may be a good idea, I wouldn't be caught dead enjoying a night on the town with this thing.


  1. I wouldn’t want to wear it either, but I’m a man who has only worn a purse while extremely drunk.
    Lisa, why wouldn’t you be caught dead enjoying a night on the town with the keyboard purse?

  2. I think it’d be more practical if one were to cut off just the top facing part of the keys, and then take those and add them to something. I doubt it’d be very pretty either, but more so than this bag at least.

  3. whoa, am I missing a joke? I don’t think it’s THAT bad…I actually really like the texture it has. I think the sides look a little forced, but I mean…it’s a keyboard, not fabric. I think I’d also like it more without the strap.

  4. It looks like someone got stoned and went with their first idea. They just took keys and made it into a bag. They should have at least added color or texture to add to the concept. As it is, it just looks like a dumb money grab.

  5. “I wouldn’t be caught dead enjoying a night on the town with this thing”

    Don’t you think that’s a little harsh, Lisa?

    1. Naah, she means that literally she would choose death over carrying this bag. Fashion is that important to her! Don’t you judge!

  6. Yeeeeah, most stuff that’s labeled “fashinably stylish”–especially if paired with “upcycled” or “eco-conscious” or “recycled”–is usually something I wouldn’t consider paying money for, much less carrying around or wearing.

    There’s a huge gap between “can” and “should.”

  7. That is one stone ugly bag.

    It’s not like keyboards per se have much going for them aesthetically.

    Rick York

    1. I was going to say that if it actually worked as a keyboard it would be more usable. Maybe if they stripped the characters off the buttons and just had a basic black motif it would work better. I don’t know about fugly, but it is a bit too busy.

  8. I dunno, considering how fugly some conventional purses are, I kind of like this. It’s got character, weight, and an interesting texture. I’ve seen purses with a similar chunky shape — just not made of used keyboard keys.

    Might not work at a black-tie dinner, but a stylish woman could totally rock it at an artsy cocktail party. Frankly, I think the keyboard part is what’s stopping this. Otherwise, I actually like it.

  9. We sell this where I work, or rather we are trying to sell it. Unfortunately, the letters and numbers look like they were painted on with white-out, by a toddler. Fun and cute in theory, but it looks horribly cheap. I don’t even think they are actual recycled keys; they honestly look pretty bad up close. If anyone can make a nicer one, hit me up and we’ll sell it for you.

  10. I actually like it *ducks*

    I think the little wrist band either should have gone away or should be a chain instead.

    It’s a bit simplistic and obvious. I don’t see, for instance, why keys couldn’t be worked into a part of a larger design instead of just the whole keyboard like that. Then it would still be able to hang like a normal purse.

    Lastly, some one suggested just the faces. That would look good on a hard case purse I think, especially with some metal hardware.

    But all of that is starting to get less recycle-y I guess.

  11. this is an insult to both purses AND handbags–two words you don’t often see so close together. hint, hint.

  12. I have a fetish for IT nerds, and next time I go out cruising I would like to take this clutch.

  13. I like it but what I’d like even better is if it was a purse/working keyboard with a minicomputer inside the sides of the purse. It would make carrying a computer around so much easier, and you could have what you normally carry inside your purse as well.

  14. I’d proudly carry that thing only one place: To my favorite local watering hole, The Space Bar.

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