HOWTO Make a Dalek Egg

Nancy Sims, a librarian and "proto-lawyer," made these absolutely wonderful egg-Daleks for a friend's birthday, fully documenting the build and putting it online so that you can make one too.

Dalek Egg (Thanks, RJ!)


  1. Of course, the dalegg will have to deal with the cyberhen before they can truly dominate the universe.

  2. Hey, that’s me! Still a librarian, hopefully (I find out April 15 if I passed the bar) soon to actually be a lawyer.

    Glad people are enjoying this. :)

  3. HOWTO Make a Dalek Egg

    Man, when I think of all the time I wasted trying to get a boy Dalek and a girl Dalek “in the mood”….

    1. there’s some guys down on geary st is sf whose work you might be interested it. i’m not posting a link, though. fuuuuck noooooo….

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