HOWTO Make a Dalek Egg


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  1. jere7my says:

    HOWTO Make a Dalek Egg

    Man, when I think of all the time I wasted trying to get a boy Dalek and a girl Dalek “in the mood”….

  2. PixelFish says:

    I once made Dalek eggs for my bento.

  3. Salamalecs says:

    Eggsterminate !

    • querent says:

      there’s some guys down on geary st is sf whose work you might be interested it. i’m not posting a link, though. fuuuuck noooooo….

  4. ill lich says:

    One comment, and the best pun is already taken!

  5. Shinju says:

    Now my own creations have a foe worth fighting the supermarket shelves for. Thanks for the ideal opportunity to show off these eggs I did a few years ago (although I do need to do an eleventh – damn you Matt Smith)

  6. Felton says:

    Of course, the dalegg will have to deal with the cyberhen before they can truly dominate the universe.

  7. nas097 says:

    Hey, that’s me! Still a librarian, hopefully (I find out April 15 if I passed the bar) soon to actually be a lawyer.

    Glad people are enjoying this. :)

  8. Felton says:

    Okay, I just made myself groan.

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