Hollis Brown Thornton, Atari & Flower Wallpaper

hollisthorton2600.jpg Still life with Yars' Revenge, by Hollis Brown Thornton, available in desktop-wallpaper sizes alongside a healthy selection of similarly rustic game-y art at his flickr, some available in print via 20x200.


    1. That’s “dumb”.

      The art critique that shouts your ignorance in the most succinct way possible.

    2. I have to agree. Putting Ms.Pacman below frogger, rather than evoking the tale of the frog prince, clearly shows the inferior position of woman in the mind of the artist. The Asteroids stacked on top of Vanguard (Avant-Garde) shows a tired po-mo hatred of modernism in it’s epistemological essence. The artist is also a poopy-head.

      J/K I rather like it and would download it if only Opera wouldn’t hang on me every time I try to open the page.

    3. I don’t at all agree with you, but I’d kinda see your point if this wasn’t permanent marker on paper and not photoshop or some such. Drawn by hand, dude.

      1. Regardless of it being hand made or not, it just doesn’t look appealing. As it is it looks like someone just threw a cutout filter on top of an interesting photograph and no amount of detail about the craft behind it is going to change that.

  1. I kind of like this. I used to love walking into old rental properties and admiring the gaudy edwardian/victorian wallpaper designs. This one is a bit william-morris-y which puts it more into the classic pre-raphaelite camp.

    The games are in their own way, the same thing. Objects of some age, to be admired, but not your immediate choice if you were out there ‘decorating’ your living room.

    But for the cogniscenti, a conscious choice, much like the wallpaper (William Morris prints from the original woodblocks are more expensive than I care to think of)


  2. I recognized the wallpaper pattern immediately. The wallpaper he copied is from Sandpiper Studios. It is from their Kashmir collection. The pattern is called “Jacobean Trail” Google to see it in various colorways.

  3. Awesome. I love that wall paper, and getting that much detail into it with markers without going insane is great.

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