iPad + Skype + retro handset = ridiculously fun mobile phone

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My new mobile phone: iPad + Skype + Moshi Moshi 01H handset.


  1. This is the first thing about the iPad that has appealed to me. I can imagine using this constantly. Too bad about the price tag.

  2. Now they just need to mold the iPad itself into the shape of a Western Electric 500 desk set.

  3. What a great idea, only if it were about 1/4 the size and had bluetooth. Now thats an untapped market.

  4. Big audio I/O hooked to modern tiny devices is always awesome. I giggle every time I plug my fully-ear-covering headphones into my Nexus One; I can stick the phone between the cans and it almost vanishes.

  5. Oh, want. That would work even better with my iPod Touch – iPad doesn’t fit as well in a pocket :)

  6. Too bad there’s no video (unless you use one of the PC-based pads that have been out for a while).

    1. remember the EO

      Oh, I remember the EO. Dreadful device. Of course, I’m biased because I had been working on a much superior device – the Active Book – until ATT bought the company and closed it down in order to remove a strong competitor to their nasty little thing.

      Active Book was ARM based, just like the iPad. Only 8MHz though and no cache nor even an instruction prefetch queue. Only 1Mb ram and 1Mb rom. No USB. No wifi. No BT. But it did run Smalltalk very nicely.

      Oh and since the iPad does in fact have bluetooth (there’s this thing called ‘google’ – ever so good for looking up stuff so you don’t look like a total fool too often) you can use skype and a BT headset to make phone calls.

  7. IF I used a mobile phone, it would be for the convenience of having a phone in my pocket. I wouldn’t want to have to carry an extra bag around just so I could use the phone.

    This would be fun, if I craved attention (I don’t) and wanted to attract a crowd (I’m pretty introverted, so that would freak me out). After that, it would get very annoying to drag that out every time I wanted to make a call, or someone called me. Even sitting at my desk, it would become annoying.

    I guess I’m not as much as a gadget freak as I used to be. Coming up with ways to make the things I used to by, so they at least APPEARED useful is something I don’t even bother with any more.

    It kinda reminds me of the other article I just read (I think on BB), about the ‘gadgets’ people get for their dogs. Doggie doorbell, anyone?

  8. Hilarious and awesome! dougrogers has the right idea! Maybe some kind of virtual crank to get a dialtone…

  9. Someone was selling bluetooth enabled vintage phones to use with your cellphones a year or so back. Just google “Vintage Bluetooth Phone” and you’ll see some nice homemade ones as well.

  10. Personally, I like the handsets that ThinkGeek sells: a wired handset that’s a reproduction of the Western Electric Type G handset designed by Henry Dreyfuss that came on the 500-series phones that many of us grew up with in the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s; and a Bluetooth wireless unit that looks like the Type F handset from Western Electric’s earlier 300-series phones.

  11. With proper sorta multitasking in OS 4.0 you’ll actually be able to have this semi-permanently attached to use as a real, actual phone. A 3G model would make it perfect for the phonephobe like me.

    I think when the iPad finally comes to my shore it’ll be my mobile communication device… I have a touch, and all it needs is non-phone 3G (ie data only) to become the killer communication tool for me. I’ll just have to deal with the 10″ screen… somehow *drools*

  12. Considering the radiation oozing from this stuff, you might prevent brain tumors with those too.

  13. Is this really Skype? Can you make totally-free VOIP calls to other computers over the wifi?

    If so, wow! Does the iPhone have that yet? You can make VOIP Skype calls on the Android, but only through Fring, and the sound quality isn’t all that good.

  14. Waouh ! That’s THE missing accessory for my iPad ! Not crazy about this retro-styled design but they have a modern one on their website that’s awesome !

    1. Anon @#34, I think you’ll find that the “retro” handset will work far better in the “between shoulder and head” mode than any of the “modern” ones.

      There’s a very good reason the classic Dreyfus Model G handset wasn’t changed for well over 50 years.

      The current “K” style handset sucks the flies off a dead horse in comparison.

  15. To the people kvetching about the lack of the handset’s “mobility”, I’ve thought about getting one, but strictly for use around the house.

    I’m (like many of you) a cell phone only user. I have yet to find any earbud type headsets that don’t seriously irk me after a while so I figure this would be a good and comfortable compromise. Holding the tiny cell next to my head bothers my elbow after a while. I can put up with that sometimes, but if I can avoid it at home it’s worth it.

  16. Attn: Humorless, literal internet types. The title of this piece includes the words “ridiculous” and “fun”.

  17. Continental Whos Who asks:
    If an Iphone application is created and made available for the Iphone store will it also work with the Ipad ?

  18. A Bluetooth headset and Skype onthe iPad would be fine too. I’m pretty sure, though, that recent versions of Skype in the App Store still don’t support BT headsets.

  19. Erm, “designed by…”, shouldn’t that be copied from a well establish but slowly fading design called, a traditional telephone handset. I really can’t agree with it being vintage, just yet.

  20. You want “retro” . . . ???

    Have a look at the scene in “2001 Space Odyssey” (1968) where the protagonist makes a phone call from the space station back to earth, talks to his daughter. — From a “phone booth” and paid w/ some sort of credit card.

    And I can remember when “car phones” were a real status-symbol and not a “driving hazard.”

    OK — so when you get done watching the scene w/ the phone in “2001,” see if you can find some psychedelics and zoom to the light show at the end of the movie.

    42 years ago . . . Where did the time go?

  21. ehhh…

    make the handset infalte/deflate, when it rings or is taken out of pocket or when something is pressed in it.

    So its rings, you put out a small thing out your pocked and then it inflates into a cool? retro style phone.

    same fun, takes less space.

    send me the check for the idea if you use it.

  22. You know, I can see the usefulness of phone functionality with this device. There is a tutorial out now that shows how to make and receive VOIP to landline calls for free here: http://ipad-candy.com/ipad_phone_calling/ this is without a jail break.

    Being able to use VOIP over 3G will be, I think, leveraged in more and more intelligent ways. I’m excited to see how OS 4.0 will make that easier!

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