Soundshapes: Amit Pitaru/Zach Gage bring Sonic Wire Sculptor to iPhone

Best known for his "irresponsible" art/game Lose/Lose -- which deletes files from your hard drive every time you take aim at its retro-pixel-invaders and was classified as malicious by Symantec late last year -- artist Zach Gage has since been quietly at work on a small handful of beautiful iPhone objects. The best of these, recently released, is a collaboration with NYC artist Amit Pitaru (who you might recall for his early-00s interactive art with James 'Presstube' Paterson as insertsilence; 'launch' their Pagan Poetry video for Bjork): Sonic Wire Sculptor, an iPhone version of one of Pitaru's gallery installations.
As seen in the video at top, the Sculptor's a generative sound app that lets users play in the space between image and music with an instantly approachable interface -- creating sound out of recognizable images, or creating images of beautiful sound, and all points on the spectrum in between. It's quickly become one of my favorite iPad apps (even if it's not yet native) both for sculpting and browsing other user works, with Gage and Pitaru leveraging Twitter for cataloging and sharing functionality. Coincidentally, Gage is also giving away his debut iPhone puzzle game Unify for free today, which you should grab alongside his just-released 8-bit asteroid dodger Bit Pilot and synthPond, his Toshio Iwai-inspired audio toy. Sonic Wire Sculptor [Amit Pitaru & Zach Gage, iTunes link]


  1. I wonder how long it takes for someone to create a popular song, and discover it’s actually an image of the artist flipping us all the bird.

  2. Wonderful way to relax and love how it integrates vision and sound. It would probably take lots of experimentation to get something really good out of it ‘though.

  3. Recursive irony implosion alert: It is physically impossible to view the videos in this post on an iPhone.

  4. Already a big fan of Bit Pilot, but I had no idea that it was made by the same designer as Lose/Lose. Weirdhole.

    Thanks for posting about Wire Sculptor. I got it, Unify, and Synth Pond today. Is this guy prolific or what?

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