Steve Thomas's Arcade Game Propaganda Posters


8 Responses to “Steve Thomas's Arcade Game Propaganda Posters”

  1. ialbert says:

    I love everything about the Donkey Kong one… except the unforgivable use of Arial. Really not an appropriate font for any sort of commercial design, especially a period piece that’s supposed to predate Arial’s 1982 origin.

  2. EricT says:

    That Joust one is amazing and silly. Like the game

    • phlavor says:

      I loved Joust. It was the first game that I felt had a predictable “feel” to the gravity. I could just bounce around getting kills with only an occasional flap on certain levels. Like a ninja…. on an ostrich.

  3. BookGuy says:

    Damn, I might have to get a framed version of the Dig Dug one. Those are awesome.

  4. alexdecampi says:

    Aw, Joust! I loved that game.

  5. muteboy says:

    Those are great! His other stuff is cool too. I like the Mars tourism poster. “Get your ass to Mars”.

    Joust on the VIC20 was weird, you controlled an egg instead of a flapping steed. Simpler I guess.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Awesome! This is great. Artsprojekt has such an amazing collection of talented artists. Keep it up!

  7. querent says:

    fuck yes. i want the donkey-kong one. “Defeat the Beast!”

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