Alex Brown: Untitled (Sad Vader)


This piece by photographer Alex Brown is the latest offering at the 20x200 art project, a great site that offers prints of original art at affordable prices. Alex Brown says:

This photograph was taken in a McDonald's restaurant in Upstate New York. The kid was sitting in the booth on his own wearing a Darth Vader helmet that made the same breathing sound as the character in Star Wars. For some reason, he reminded me of myself as a child. I always wanted a helmet like that when Star Wars first came out but my parents wouldn't buy me one.

Sad Vader, indeed, Alex.


  1. It’s strange to be selling prints of a picture that has already traveled the many byways of the internets, even if it is your own photograph.

  2. It’s the little piece of technology and the tiny container of ketchup that really makes this picture awesome.

  3. Sad Vader makes me sad, too. I wonder why he is looking so forlorn?

    I didn’t want a Vader mask. I wanted the Millennium Falcon. All I got was a lousy light-saber which my mom “disappeared” about a year later. I still miss that lousy light-saber.

  4. The kid could be grinning like an idiot and we would never know. It’s the mask and the posture of his body that lend the bummed countenance.

  5. Reminds me of my kid. The boy is sad because his Gameboy is all out of juice, his Dad didn’t bring the charger, so lil’Vader just finished trying to use the Force to choke Captain Needa (a.k.a. Dad) while telling him ,”… you’ve failed me for the last time!”. Which of course only served to tick off Dad, who then served up his reprimand with a terse line like, “Sit here you spoiled brat while I go get your stinkin’ HAPPY MEAL!”

  6. I’ve seen this same little guy in many McDonald’s restaurants. His parents have been through a custody battle and now Dad has Little Boy on the weekends. Dad and Little Boy have been at the Mall to buy the coveted Darth Vader mask. Okay, that was the first hour of visitation. Now they’re at McD’s. Dad is at the counter waiting for the fries and wondering how to fill the rest of Little Boy’s weekend…and every weekend until Little Boy is 18. Back at the table, Little Boy is staring at his ketchup wondering when Daddy will move back home.

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