Magnet constructions


George Hart of the Museum of Mathematics presents a gallery of magnet constructions at Make Online.

These geometric sculptures are the creations that resulted from Robert Hodgin playing with thousands of small magnetic spheres and cylinders. I especially like his geometric forms which remind me of Ernst Haeckel's radiolaria drawings.
Math Monday: Magnet constructions


  1. I have built 3D geometric structures out of magnets before. Just because the polarity of one hexagon is correct doesn’t mean it will remain so when added to larger parts of the structure. Keeping the alignment correct can be a nightmare as changes in the magnetic force will occur as you add to it. I wish I could get my hands on such beautiful materials.

  2. Great… I just recently managed to get all 216 bucky balls back into their original cube, and now this!

  3. I know the magnetic balls are available from various vendors, but I would love to know where to purchase some of the bars and whatnot.

  4. I found 45 balls on the sidewalk a couple months back. I loved them so much that I ordered 216 balls from ebay. I loved those so much that I ordered 2010 balls from ebay.

    The wad of 2010 balls is a LOT of fun. One of my favorite shapes is the waffle cone, like they have at the ice cream store. It’s big and floppy and easy to repair.

    Now I need to get rid of them so I can do some useful work.

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