Nuclear summit logo designed by Obama to appeal to Muslims, says noted wingnut


Fox News is in an uproar over the Nuclear Security Summit logo, depicting a hydrogen electron in its orbital path around its nucleus, because it looks too much like the flag of several predominantly Muslim nations.

Meanwhile, Michael Goodwin of the New York Post revealed a flash of Ed Anger-like insight in his column: "I am certain the crescent-like design of the logo is not a coincidence, especially at an event where Iran's nuclear ambition and al Qaeda's search for a bomb are prime topics."

Once again, conservatives see Muslim conspiracy in an administration logo (Thanks, Alan!)


  1. You’ve got to be effin’ kidding me.

    Can’t be taken seriously…Faux News operates more like a tabloid than a news source.

  2. Maybe if people pray hard enough, they can change the fundamental nature of hydrogen atoms so that they don’t even remotely resemble a crescent moon with a star.

    1. Mark, with odds just shy of infinity to one against there exists the possibility that Fox News staff are well-versed enough in particle physics to know that no physicist has claimed a hydrogen atom actually looks anything like that for a few decades.

  3. I don’t believe it, but even if it were true, wouldn’t invoking their flag on a security related matter actually be signaling “warning – muslims with nukes we gotta secure that stuff” instead of “hey muslims – its cool if you wanna blow someplace up, we got your back”?

  4. If you want to see how far the sekret mooslim plot goes, just google “south carolina state flag”.
    Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    1. gosh, u’re right, that revolutionary war general must have been a secret muslim like obama!

  5. What’s really discouraging about this is not that Fox News says it, but that a really large chunk of Americans eagerly swallow this bullshit without the slightest hesitation.

  6. So I guess that half moon on the door of all those little tiny houses you find in the back yards of so many houses in Alabama, Mississippi, etc. are proof that Muslims have infiltrated the South. I had no idea the US stood in such imminent peril!

  7. What a bunch of morons. It’s supposed to look like a hydrogen atom.

    I guess they’ve skipped high school altogether.

  8. Well, it’s supposed to look like the Bohr model of a hydrogen atom, which is kinda outdated…

  9. All part of the plot by the Progressive Coalition to Neuter Christianity and Pussify America! Lordy, these wingnuts will believe ANYTHING as long as it comes from someone who pretends to be an “authority”. I’m sure these idiots will have a lot of “fun with their gun” when they get together on the 19th!

  10. Well this just proves that God is a Muslim….Why else would He design the moon and stars to look JUST like a Muslim Flag?!

  11. Holy CRAP! The actual moon makes that symbol every month! And there are STARS in the SKY! It’s a conspiracy I tells ya! CONSPIRACY!

  12. Quantum physicists are in an uproar because the electron does not follow an “orbital path around its nucleus,” but rather can only be determined to be present within a spherical probability density.

  13. Public discourse in America is utterly pathetic. That these kinds of paranoid conspiracy theories have been mainstreamed is incredibly disturbing. It really feels like a big chunk of America has literally gone insane.

  14. I currently can’t think of anything funnier than Fox’s resident bed-wetters getting worked up over a logo. And, I’ve seen some funny things in my day. In fact, last summer, I saw kid kill a spider on a wall by throwing his completely-full chocolate shake at it.

    Still, as entertaining as these imbeciles are, I do wish Fox News would just simply go away.

  15. So when Obama says we need to engage in diplomacy with Muslim nations and potentially nuclear-armed nations we can’t believe him because he’s a liar and so we have to look for hidden symbols that show he wants to engage in diplomacy?

    1. No, the whole point of this is to set up Israel to take the blame for there not being peace on Earth. I believe that’s the tack Beck was taking on the radio this morning. It’s hard to tell, because the show is about as structured as kindergarten recess. Aside from the frothing insanity, that is.

      I only listen for a few minutes, I need my fix of imminent doom. It’s replaced Art Bell for that purpose. The ads are great; even Ron Paul would have to say that they’ve taken it a bit too far. BUY GOLD BECAUSE WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! GET THE SHOTGUN, MA – THEY’RE COMING FOR OUR GOLD!

  16. For get going back to geography class to study flags, I think this lot needs to revisit grade nine physics.

      1. Never assume the converse is true. @SamSam: You are absolutely correct. Still seeing no facts.

  17. I love “…so, you be the judge. Let us know what you think about this.”

    No, really, we’re not saying it’s an Islamic moon proving that Barack Hussein Obama wants to declare jihad on the US and was probably born in Iran. No, no, someone else said this — we’re just reporting it. We’re not judging it’s validity at all. You be the judge.


    @anmorton: No, if it’s totally asinine, that makes it not real. It’s just that conservatives are more likely to come up with such asinine ideas. Why, do you think it’s an “appeal” to Muslim nations?

    1. Nope. Simply noting the lack of facts (to say nothing of empirical data). Judging information ONLY by its source is lazy (I almost said “thinking”).

      1. Nope. Simply noting the lack of facts (to say nothing of empirical data).

        Wait wait. The lack of facts that showing wasn’t designed as a secret code for Muslims? Hello? You have this backwards. The burden of proof is on the nutjobs that make these kinds of statements, not the people who point out how ridiculous they are.

  18. “[…] and in this particular … what do you call that, not a monogram, what do you call that?”
    “Err, logo?”
    “Logo! Thank you.”

  19. Here’s a great bit of irony:

    In a Proust Questionnaire in Vanity Fair back in 1993, Conservative daddy William F Buckley answered the question “What is it that you most dislike?” by saying “Lousy logic, tempestuously waged” -which pretty much describes just about everything uttered by today’s conservatives.

    Here’s the whole thing

    Though I rarely, if ever, agreed with him, he was a joy to watch on Firing Line because no matter how wrong he was he could always win a debate.

  20. Okay, as usual, Fox News is idiotic; and the anti-Obama right has once again demonstrated its utter stupidity and paranoia.

    Having said that, I’ve got to ask: Why hydrogen?

    Admittedly, if they’d tried to depict the 92 electrons of uranium or the 94 of plutonium it would have really cluttered up the logo. But the whole conference was really about the control of fissile materials — i.e. uranium and plutonium. Hydrogen doesn’t enter into it. There is a tiny, but real chance that terrorists might somehow be able to acquire a fission weapon; but the chances of them ever acquiring a fusion weapon are virtually nil. So, why hydrogen?

  21. Of course it doesn’t remind you of those Muslim flags now. That’s because the electron is full – but you only have to wait 3/8 of an orbit before it becomes a crescent.

    I am encouraged to suggest Goodwin’s law – something about the probability that one of Obama’s decisions will be compared to Islam.

  22. Okay, so am I the only one wondering if this dingus attended the Insane Clown Posse School of Science?

  23. If you think that’s scary, check out the GOP logo – 3 inverted pentagrams. Evil jackpot!

  24. I often get irritated at how utterly and unfailingly far-left the BoingBoing readership is. I racked my brains trying to think of even the tiniest scrap of reason from which to play Devil’s Advocate on this, but…

    Jesus, this is the dumbest thing ever. What are we going to do with these people?

    1. I often get irritated at how utterly and unfailingly far-left the BoingBoing readership is.

      You might want to disable the bias verification filter. Many of our readers are not leftists by any stretch of the imagination.

      1. “You might want to disable the bias verification filter.”

        Right back at ya, fella.

        Don’t get the wrong idea about me. I’m unaffiliated in a big way.

        1. “Far left” would be calling for nationalization of all industry and hanging Congress for war crimes. What you call far left is what most of the world calls centrist. President Obama is somewhere to the right of Richard Nixon.

      1. Okay, fine. Somewhat more left than the national average. It’s not important.

        My concern is with the far right, which evidently feels this stylized hydrogen atom is a valid topic for discussion.

    2. Can I just clarify your comment? You’re saying you get irritated by all the lefties on BB (controversial proposition but not totally mental), however this particular item does strike you as so certifiably fucktarded that you’re going to cut us some slack.

      Because if that’s what you’re saying I for one am OK with it. Which I’m sure will come as a big relief.

  25. You fools! It’s obviously a sickle and hammer, designed by an African-born socialist who wants to euthanize your sick aunt Tillie and steal jobs from Floridian rocket scientists.

  26. Two more pieces of evidence as to how insidious this really has become:

    1) South Carolina state flag (Go ahead. Google it.)
    2) The Arabic numerals we’ve been using for who knows how long…

    Who knows how deep this goes?!?

  27. Are we sure it wasn’t designed to appeal to crypto-Byzantines (since the star-and-crescent was originally a Byzantine emblem) ?

    Labyrinthtine eye-gouging politics cannot be far behind….

  28. Pareidolia? Apophenia? Is there a technical term for this kind of overactive “pattern recognition” gone haywire? It’s not exactly random stimulus or meaningless data like those terms would require, but if you looked at every ad design and every agency logo related to the Obama admin, no matter how distantly related, you’d have a massive pool of data from which to pull one that would be vaguely similar to a cross, swastika, ampersand, FSM, pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, green clovers, any simple symbol.

  29. I love vague insinuation that is qualified as being NOT true in an apologetic way. The lack of knowledge re the crescent is unbelievable and evidence of the lack of forethought behind this ridiculous assertion that the symbol is crescent like.

    The crescent as a symbol predates Muhammaad and even JC by several thousand years. It was widely used across Asia as a representation of the Carthaginian goddess Tanit and the Greek goddess Diana by sun/moon/earth worshipers. Its adoption as a symbol of Islam is purely coincidental due to it being used by the city of Byzantium (now Istanbul, formerly Constantinople) which was conquered by the Turks in the 1400’s. Prior to this, and during the time of Muhammad, plain flags of black, green, or white were used.

    There are many ‘symbols’ in science that use the ‘atom’ to represent ideas and concepts and they have nothing to do with religion at all.

    Goodwin, instead of focusing upon the declaration of intent behind the meeting, chooses to indulge in childlike name calling and a public display of xenophobia.

    The purpose of the summit?

    “The goals of the Nuclear Security Summit were to come to a common understanding of the threat posed by nuclear terrorism, to agree to effective measures to secure nuclear material, and to prevent nuclear smuggling and terrorism.”

    While Rome burned, Goodwin chose to be a playground brat…

  30. Gretchen Carlson says:
    “You be the judge. Let us know what you think about that …”

    What do I think ?!
    I think this story is so ridiculous it should be on Onion News not Fox News… but of course Fox News IS the Onion News of the Fringe-that-is-Mainstream Right (they just dont get that its a joke).

  31. Selective logo memory!

    The “orbit and planet” image has bee au courant in logo design for ten or fifteen years.

    I designed one into a hospital logo of all things because they specified EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANTED and accepted none of my other more appropriate designs. Mine was elliptical, and it has since been redesigned but still keeps the orbit planet image. It resembles the summit logo much more now:

  32. I wish to thank Fox news for helping me out with my blog tonight. I have been terribly sick and unsure what I was going to write. Fox comes through in the clutch. Making fun of this stuff is easy. Getting rid of the headache, not so much.

  33. It worries and confuses me that any sign of actually trying to meet people on a more or less insignificant point such as a logo design and express thoughtfulness and interest in other parties interests always seems to be getting painted in such a negative light by agencies like Fox News.

  34. Shocking!
    And clearly, the other 170,000 organizations with swooshes and crescents in their logos are dangerous radical Muslim sympathizers too!

  35. What about all those crescent moons on nighttime weather forecasts?? Islam is taking over under cover of darkness…I’m sleeping with the light on!!

  36. Actually, it all makes sense now. Doesn’t Obama want us to improve our students’ math scores? Isn’t the basic introductory math course in grade 9 Algebra? What is the origin of the word “Algebra”? The online etymology dictionary has:

    1550s, from M.L. from Arabic al jebr “reunion of broken parts,” as in computation, used 9c. by Baghdad mathematician Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi as the title of his famous treatise on equations (“Kitab al-Jabr w’al-Muqabala” “Rules of Reintegration and Reduction”), which also introduced Arabic numerals to the West. The accent shifted 17c. from second syllable to first. The word was used in Eng. 15c.-16c. to mean “bone-setting,” probably from the Arabs in Spain.

    So “Algebra” is a code word for a reunion of broken parts, probably meaning a reunification of all Muslim lands and for the purpose of global domination. Thank you, Fox News, for the heads up! Burn those math books!

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