Mars bar cake


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just look at it!

  2. dole says:

    PimpThatSnack has a lot of homebrew takes on giantsizing snacks.

    Here’s someone’s good-looking version of a Mars, complete with wrapper:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, it looks tasty, but check the shape: It’s a funsize. Where’s a proper one?

  4. Gilbert Wham says:

    If you ever get to Brighton, there is a cake shop there you will love. Last time I was there, they had a huge red dragon cake in the window that was a thing of staggering beauty and at least +15 tastiness.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Someone should set a glass of water on top of it.

  6. limepies says:

    holy crap that looks tasty. although, i think i’d rather just have the giant one than a cake.

  7. phead says:

    Tastes like a cease and desist letter to me. There will be teams of lawyers hunting the streets of Oxford to track this down!

  8. Anonymous says:

    “Tastes like a cease and desist letter to me” (phead’s comment). Funnily enough, in today’s litigious society, that’s the first thing that also came into my head when I saw it. Never mind the quality and the skill involved in making it, just feel the quantity of the legal papers.
    I can almost hear the legal team rubbing their hands together now! Mind you, if Mars are on the ball, they should be commissioning the maker to do a few more. All good publicity, as if they need it. Don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who HASN’T eaten a Mars bar. Naughty chocolate! (Thinks…..wonder how many they make per. day?)

  9. Anonymous says:

    My bet is on Marzipan…

  10. KremlinLaptop says:

    You know, I really want to see a cake that looks exactly like a pie.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Deep Fry it!

  12. arkizzle / Moderator says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Looks bigger than 58g.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am stuck here in the UK and bought some of these at Lidl’s discount store. Not that great. Reminds me of a less tasty Lil’ Debbie.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Because a DUI attorney in Orange County, California has an amazing amount of jurisdiction with intellectual property in England.

    Actually, you see an enormous amount of this sort of thing – reproducing packaging of a particular product with a cake. First, it’s not intended to mislead the consumer (c’mon…who really think’s that’s an enormous Mars bar?) — and the evidence is generally long gone before anyone ever even gets around to THINKING about filing a lawsuit.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I have a feeling the cake has artificial colours.

    The cake is a lie!

  17. Luke1972 says:

    The recently closed down cafe near my work did a mars bar slice; puffed rice that had melted Mars bar poured over and left to set. It was absolutely delicious. I miss that cafe. :(

    • Landowner says:

      They closed down because they got sued by Mars, Inc.

      /ya’ll spell “colors” funny.

      • Anonymous says:

        Grammer pedant point’s out that the spelling is y’all. Remember, the apostrophe is a replacement for the missing letters. So “you all” is shortened into “y’all”.

        Candy bar pedant reminds people that the “Mars Bar” in the UK and the “Mars Bar” in the US are very very different beasts.

  18. g-clef says:

    This seems to be an UK thing…Pimp That Snack is also UK-based. (If you’ve never seen a giant Twix bar made in a 1 meter long drainpipe, you’re missing out)

  19. DukeThomson says:

    I have a hard time believing that is only 58 grams!

  20. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if the cake has artificial colouring, too.

  21. Mike G. says:

    I normally wouldn’t say this … but the wrapper looks like the best part.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Was this in a shop in the covered market? When I was there two years ago they had quite a selection of Harry Potter themed cakes to celebrate the new movie or book or whatever.

  23. tamar says:

    Wow, what a dusty cake.

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