TOR for Android: anonymize your phone's data-connection

TOR (The Onion Router, a technology for bouncing your traffic all over the net so that your ISP can't spy on you) is now available for Android phones. Just take a picture of the QR code on the right with your Barcode Scanner or Goggles app to install it.

Tor on Android (via O'Reilly Radar)


  1. When i scan the QR…


    You don’t have permission to access /dist/android/alpha-orbot-latest.apk on this server.

  2. FYI, I was able to manually download orbot from the torproject site and get it running on my Droid.

  3. Download worked on T-mobile.

    FWIW, the app asks for root access when run, but the torproject page notes that root is not required.

  4. There is Tor for Maemo too – apt-get install tor.

    There is also a status area thingy for turning it on and off in a separate package.

  5. So I’ve got orbot running on my Droid but…now what? There’s no place to set up proxy for the browser.

  6. I’m sure most people here who read this and are interested in Tor know about this already, but just in case somebody doesn’t:

    When using Tor, be aware of what it does and doesn’t do! While poxying all your trafic through tor is something I support wholeheartedly, keep in mind that there are dangers, too.

    IMO most importantly, malicious Exit Nodes (The last “hop” in a Tor chain, where your packets leave the Tor network and enter the general internet.) can and do read your traffic if it’s not encrypted, allowing them to steal passwords, etc.

    Doesn’t make using Tor a bad idea, just something to be aware of.

    1. Here’s an extremely simple solution to your stated negative possible consequences of using Tor…

      Don’t use Tor to log onto *ANY* site which holds potentially sensitive personal information!! The whole point of Tor is to be ANONYMOUS on the net. If you’re using Tor to visit sites which require a login, then you’re essentially defeating the intended purpose of Tor completely.


  7. #12

    Thank you.
    Though I didn’t do this anyway, I was not aware to what you say…
    Now that you said it, it seems pretty obvious to me…

    What other dangers are there?

    BTW is it possible for one of the proxies in the communication chain, to add some information of their own?


  8. The install via QR worked for me on the VZW HTC Eris. Now need to figure out how to direct my traffic through the proxy.

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