Dalek propaganda poster

Arkizzle sez, "The BBC has put up a great quality version of the propaganda-style, Daleks' To Victory! poster, from the newest Doctor Who episode."

Daleks to Victory! (PDF)


  1. This Is Awesome!

    -abs does find interesting how much the poster resembles the bold, confident, thrusting, lines in the Fox News Logo, or was it the Nazi poster, oh, no, it was the Rising Sun flag of WWII era Japan . . . . no . . . now Steven Colbert just has me confused, who’s evil again?

  2. The poster is so awesome. Too bad the episode it comes from is terrible. The 11th doctor (Matt Smith) is great, but so far the new series is pretty bad. I’m not surprised, but I’m saddened.

    The new candy-colored Daleks are awful.

  3. Awesome! I’ve wanted this since I glimpsed it in the episode trailer.

    My judgment on the new series is still out.

  4. Sadly, this poster was the best thing from the episode—a true low point in an already ‘meh’ season. People may have taken issue with Russell T. Davies’ approach to certain elements of the show, but at least he knew how to build and sustain a dramatic tone in a narrative. I expected much better from Steven Moffett.

  5. Actually my statement that the new series is “pretty bad” is a little strong. Episode one (501) is really good, but there’s a big drop in 502 (beast below) and 503 (Victory of the Daleks). The problem is plotting; nothing follows sound plot logic. The 9th/10th doctor run rarely suffered from this problem, and when it did, it managed to so it for reasons of story arc. This new version is more like Torchwood in that it’s well cast and profoundly clever, but has some dreadful plotting. I’m hoping they’ll work this out as they go, but so far the progress is a downward curve.

    1. I’m withholding ‘final’ judgement until the two-part Weeping Angels story. If that flops, the season is dead to me.

    2. The problem is plotting; nothing follows sound plot logic. The 9th/10th doctor run rarely suffered from this problem, and when it did, it managed to so it for reasons of story arc.

      Slightly selective memory there Karl. The Davies run rarely suffered from this problem until the 3rd series, where it began to suffer from it with increasing frequency until by the end of the 4th there’s not the slightest pretence that even a second of the action follows in any way from anything earlier in the episode, or any episode. Stuff just happens, then more stuff happens, then another deus ex machina happens, then we finally reach an act break.
      But Andy Rilstone says it better than I could.

      Granted Davies recovered nicely from “Waters of Mars” onwards, but let’s not pretend the plot’s always been the strong point, especially when working up to the big series arc episodes.

      The new series is showing some signs that Moffet still crams at least three great ideas into each episode even when that leaves him no time to explore them. But I was expecting that; I’ll put up with the wasted good ideas (rotating masked mannequin heads in booths judging Britain’s children…)

      As long as, in return, I get the moments when cool ideas are actually used. (Daleks are racists, so the new human-DNA daleks can’t open the emergency more-daleks box, because it’s got a dalek-DNA lock. But it’ll take the Doctor’s word for it.)

      (Because in the new Who, even the daleks have a crush on the Doctor.)

      I’m not fond of the new daleks visually either – hate that rubber limb-attachment-bar – but the writing worked for me. Arguably the scariest monster possible in Who is a dalek that’s actually smart enough to tell the difference between a self-destruct button and…

  6. What I do with children’s tv shows, is I ask the children that watched it what they thought. Unsurprisingly they loved it.

    They’ve got to win the kids over first or the series goes no where.

    They asked if they could go and see the Cabinent War Rooms ( after seeing DW:Confidential)which is an amazing win in my book as I never would have dreamed of taking them there.

  7. Love this poster. Like mentioned before, the last eppisode was a bust. Pray it picks up soon!!

  8. Love the poster. I agree with karl elvis the new i-daleks look pants. have apple claimed copyright on the dalek design now..?

  9. I love the new series, think Matt Smith is doing a great job as the Doctor, and am head-over-heels in love with Amy Pond. But I thought that “Victory of the Daleks” was the weakest of the three episodes thus far. The plot was too linear, and didn’t really seem to be going anywhere. The Daleks never really seemed like a major threat in this episode. And the way that the Doctor and Amy finally saved the world was extremely cheesy. It seemed as if the whole purpose of this episode was simply to set up something for later episodes: I certainly expect to see the Daleks return to fight the Doctor again in the near future. But I was a bit disappointed with this encounter.

    I’m looking forward to the return of the Weeping Angels, though! I’m gonna have to re-watch “Blink” sometime this week to prepare.

  10. Heh I watched the episode and thought it would be cool to have that propaganda poster for real. Thanks BBC.
    I agree that the last episode wasn’t spectacular but the first two were stellar IMO. The new Daleks look scarier to me and the new voice they have gotten is better too. Always thought the old one was kind of funny.

  11. Awesome poster.

    I just watched the second episode, and I won’t put my verdict on the season in yet, the line “This is going to be a little short on dignity” was the funniest thing I’ve seen on TV in weeks, if not months.

  12. It would pedantic to point out that the Ministry of Defense did not exist until after World War II During the war there was the War Office, the Admiralty, and the Ministry of Aviation

  13. Funnily enough, I thought that Victory of the Daleks was the strongest of the current season so far, apart from the dodgy resolution – Amy saves the Doctor’s bacon. Again. Apart from that, it was all good – olive drab Daleks serving tea, Churchill, Spitfires in Space and best of all, the Daleks not getting wiped out by episode’s end. Bit of a lack of pithy Dalek one-liners, though, and it feels like we’re going to be seeing a crack at the end of EVERY episode with foreshadowing music.

    The Beast Below seemed like a load of overweening pretension with HOHO AMY SAVES THE DAY, while the premiere episode tried too hard not to be overshadowed by the abundance of gloriously over-the-top moments in season 4’s finale and the subsequent specials.

  14. Even more pedantically, may I point out that Britain still doesn’t have a Ministry of Defense. The Ministry of Defence is another matter…

  15. Wow! This is really well done. They did some research on the look, then used traditional media to make the image (rather than just PhotoShoping it, like I probably would have done) What makes it look *not* like a period piece: 1. The blue dot in the eye stalk — No printer would add a fifth color just for that one little detail. 2. The Union Jack — seems to have a higher level of detail from the rest of the print.

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