Tim O'Reilly explains the Cloud


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I stopped the video when he claimed we had to get our minds around the unknown future technology.
    Obviously he was begging for help, and hadn’t a clue.
    Not surprising, when his stated premise was it is so wondrous we cannot imagine what is to come.
    Condolences to the audience members.

  2. khanom says:

    As an audience member, I have to say: maybe you had to be there.

    He might ramble a bit, but if you step back and think about it in broad terms, it was actually a pretty interesting keynote.

  3. mpedson says:

    For what I spend my days doing and thinking about (Web and New Media strategy for a big, old, federally funded museum/research complex) this talk was both useful (in a practical sense) and inspiring. The “throwing lit matches” metaphor is apt. Thanks for posting it Cory!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Imagine a really big network, of tubes…

  5. mneptok says:

    I was at the conference, and what struck me was Tim’s assertion that, “The data is what’s important, not the database,” (paraphrased).

    If the data is so important, doesn’t that highlight how incredibly important the database is? In my mind, it’s like saying, “The money is what’s important. Don’t worry about the solvency of the bank in which you store it,” or somesuch.

    Tim addressed how a future Internet controlled by a single entity is rather frightening. A future Internet with many companies competing, but only using a single, proprietary database or data format is equally frightening.

    At least to me.

  6. 5ynic says:

    @mneptok #5
    Yes, it does highlight how incredibly important the DB is, but I guess the difference is (subsets and supersets of the) data can be in many DBs at the same time, whereas your money is lost if your bank tanks.
    I wasn’t an attendee, but wish I was – I was hooked.

  7. Xenu says:

    Disconnected alpha-geek anecdotes…. huh? Mr. Sterling needs to quit trying to be clever, he just comes out muffled.

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