Android installed on iPhone

iPhone hacker Planetbeing of Dev-Team reports installing Android OS on an iPhone: "Android is in control," he says on the demo video.
I've been working on this quietly in the background. ... Hopefully with all this groundwork laid out, we can make Android a real alternative or supplement for iPhone users. Maybe we can finally get Flash. ;)
It's in alpha, however, which means you don't get to install Android OS on an iPhone--unless you're very adventurous indeed. Linux on the iPhone via App Advice


  1. Looks like a positive for Apple…more iPhones to buy…Apple has been pretty cool in the past about letting you run any OS you want on their computers…why not the phone? Especially if you could switch back and forth. Either way they get paid.

    I think things are heating up and that’s a good thing for the marketplace. So far Android doesn’t appeal to me…but maybe in the future.

    I had to Jailbreak my iPhone just so I could have the tethering that ATT promised me last year…

  2. It’s kinda funny that some of my friends peg me as a mac fanboy (I do love OS X and like most of Apple’s software), but I am so enamoured with Android and my Droid. It’s been like 6 months and the honeymoon is not over!

    That said, a cool hack but as he mentioned the iPhone actually doesn’t have enough buttons to smoothly run Android (you NEED a home, settings and back button. Search button is nice, but you might get away without it). So if that means losing your volume controls…eh. Not sure if I had an iPhone if I’d make the switch. Even with me being such a mark for Android. I’d love it if Android became the dominant mobile OS, but personally I don’t know if the iPhone is set up for a good experience with the software.

    Very, very, very cool hack and mad props for figuring it out.

  3. Great hacking, but if you think that Apple is going to make it easy to run Android (which has a separate/competing marketplace that is much more a danger than Cydia or other jailbreak markets) you might want to think different. Pun intended.

    1. “Great hacking, but if you think that Apple is going to make it easy to run Android (which has a separate/competing marketplace that is much more a danger than Cydia or other jailbreak markets) you might want to think different. Pun intended.”

      Make it easy? While I have seen Apple updates “break” hacks…I have yet to see Apple clamp down on sites or developers making software to hack their devices. It would be pointless and futile. Now thet have clamped down on people selling machines hacked to run their OS with copies of the OS…but that’s another story.

      But you might want to familiarize yourself with this graph on where Apple makes money:

      It ain’t really on software or the “marketplace.” Apple is in the business of selling hardware…everything else just supports that value proposition.

  4. Wow…that means running GOOGLE products and maybe generating more revenue for GOOGLE. Yeah, Jobs won’t like this. Remember, APPLE IS NOT OPEN and they’ve not been playing nicely with the Big G (and vice versa), especially lately.

  5. I’m very glad to see this. I’ve been hearing more good things about Android from friends of close friends.

    I’ll be getting one sometime before this unreplacable-battery/slave-collar/iMaster I’m still allowed to write on dies its well-deserved death.

  6. Since Apple started using Intel chips it’s been possible to install other OSs. It’s the same with the phone.
    Apple likes to veer its dominance toward the app market lately, which will take a hard knock once free apps flood the networks.
    Antivirus and firewall will have to become standard on the phones when this happens too.
    Loads of great stuff, but watch out for the crap.

    1. Free apps? That’s where Apple’s going to take a hard knock from? Or do you mean free from their store? Because the last time I checked…most of the truly stellar apps I’ve grown to love and use, I gladly paid for…a culture of free tends to put very little value on things.

      What I think Apple has created is a culture where quality software is built which often replaces or “displaces” some of the old school developers who for so long have dominated the marketplace. For example, there are $4 apps on the iPad and iPhone that provide me with the basic functionality I need from Photoshop, but without having to pay $600.

      If anything, Apple legitimized quality app development for mobile devices, where before there really wasn’t a lot of good stuff out there…and I’ve been using mobile devices since the Newton…and I even did a 10,000 mile trip sponsored by Handspring way back when.

      Apple made people take notice that you could build great products that added value to a market that use to think it was worthless or trivial…not worth investing in. Mint, OpenTable, Evernote, Photogene, Twittelator, NY Times Editor’s Choice, Maps, Instapaper, Pandora, Mobile Safari…all great apps that increase the value of my phone and iPad.

      People dog on Apple a lot…and there is a fair amount to complain about…but what they fail to do is give credit where credit is due. Before the iPhone, the market was a joke. I had been through 4 phones in three years…all sucked because they failed to put any value on data…only on voice. Did Google give birth to that market? No. Apple noticed an opportunity and put their money where their mouth was…and brought to market something waaaay before anyone else…and how long did it take to catch up to Apple in functionality? Some would say 2 years…some might say we’re still waiting. I think competition is good…but I think it is going to take more than some free apps or some “open” Android store to make it happen…one virus/malware is all it will take for that model to have some second thoughts.

      1. The way I see it, open source is the future.
        My brother is a Mac man, so we always have a good stab at eachother.
        I do really like my friend’s 27″ imac though.

  7. An Android OS port is boring. Port XEN to the iphone and run the Android OS and iphone 4.0 on two virtual machines. That will piss everybody off.

  8. I don’t see the point of Android on the iPhone (there are plenty of Android phones out there) but I wouldn’t mind it on the iPod Touch or iPad.

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