Charity auction for Jeanne Robinson's cancer fund


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  1. Boomshadow says:

    Hope the auction is a major success. The Robinsons are wonderful people, and Jeanne deserves every chance at a cure.

  2. Illustrator X says:

    The auction is up and running — original artwork, signed prints, rare books — and all the proceeds go to help Jeanne Robinson! Please visit

    Illustrator X

  3. jimjack says:

    Well, if the Robinsons want to try something they think may help, I’m happy to pitch in. They’ve put so much good energy into the world, I think we should all be willing to send some back their way.

  4. jimjack says:

    I’m writing as someone who wishes the best for the Robinsons. Their work has been an inspiration for me. In fact I’ve already donated money to the fund to help out.

    I am wondering however… why do they need money if they are covered under the Canadian healthcare system?

    • Ernunnos says:

      This was covered the last time this came up. The Canadian health care system will not cover her “alternative therapies.” Whether or not you want to participate in this fundraiser might well depend on how you feel about the practice of “evidenced-based medicine”. I think if it’s good enough for Americans under Obama, it should be good enough for Canadians. But my belief that these kids need my charitable dollar more than some new-age quack selling nostrums to the desperate probably makes me a bad person.

  5. Jan says:

    I don’t know much about the Canadian system but from what I understand, not all meds are covered. Spider gave an example of anti-nausea pills that Jeanne needed after each chemo treatment that cost $100 *each*. In addition she’s needed a special diet, counseling and other things.

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