The domestic disasters of As Seen on TV

I've fallen into YouTube and I can't get back up.


  1. @ :56 … if she wasn’t wearing a bra then there wouldn’t be a problem.

    And anyone who owns a purse dog shouldn’t be driving a high-load Canyonaro.

  2. Awesome! I have a special love for these poor people who are unable to live a normal life cracking eggs and stepping over hoses like the rest of us. Thank goodness late night TV infomercials are there to come to their aid :)

  3. Fun game: how many distinct actors/actresses are there? Alternatively: Which actor/actress appears in the most of them?

    I’m fascinated by the idea of there being an entire underground world of actors and actresses who appear over and over again as extras in video or still ads.

  4. I’ve always been a fan of the “has this ever happened to YOU” type stuff. These are people you’d never want to invite to a party.

    Good stuff.

  5. I’m thinking that those are the same people that left the restroom such a mess at the truck stop.

  6. Oh, the neurotic distress of suburban life…

    Even funnier is to try to imagine what outlandish gizmo they suggest for every one of these situations (it’s quite difficult actually!):

    “Wondering how to keep pesky hamburger patties from slipping out of their bun?? You need the new and improved Super-Burger-Mighty-Gripper(tm)!!…”

  7. The trade name for these type of parts is “Fumblefingers” as in, “I just booked a Fumblefingers audition for that new paint roller thing.”

    At least, it should be.

    1. I see you’ve already foisted the household opinion on this subject.

      I’m still of the belief that somewhere there is an specific specialty agent who represents a small pool of incredibly uncoordinated and incompetent actors who they source for these films. I’d love to see the outtakes where they director is yelling at the actor for appearing “too competent” and “not moronic enough”.

  8. It should be called “A Tribute to Gross Incompetence (While Playing the Game of Life)”.

    As someone who is competent in nearly all things householdal, I find these depictions insulting – until you compile them all into a single, hilarious (thanks to Hillification) montage.

  9. this raises some important questions:
    1) why is it funner bennyhillified?
    2) what is the gadget that keeps your boobs from popping out?

  10. Funny, but I think they missed a chance to make it even better: the video should have ended with clips of everyone smiling and using the gadgets that solved all their problems.

  11. Pure ridiculousness, with one exception: who is giving all these tiny children huge gallon jugs of milk?

  12. The only one missing is the lady to tried to fix her HANGING curtains with a full size sewing machine!

  13. Notice how it’s all the same people who have trouble with everything. Man their houses must be full of as-seen-on-tv junk.

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