This is Spinal Tape: adhesive tape with vertebrae

Not only does This is Spinal Tape (a roll of adhesive tape printed with vertebrae) open up some intriguing decorative and logistical possibilities; it also wins the prize for Best Product Name Evar.

This is Spinal Tape


  1. I could really use this to fix my broken back, say no more. Much more pleasing to the eye than gaffers tape – “Duct” tape to the great unwashed. Oh, and it begs to be used as a nuanced decorative touch for my monster shredder guitar. One lowercase, quite useful common vowel, is all that separates this product from incurring the unholy wrath of Christopher Guest.

    1. D’oh! I was going to post that it’s tensile strength of 11…but you kind of beat me to that joke.

  2. Gaffer’s tape isn’t the same thing as duck tape (duct tape to the inaccurate). Gaffer’s tape does not have the plastic all-weather coating; it’s more like muslin that’s very sticky on one side.

  3. They don’t ship to the UK, don’t waste your time, British readers. Shame. I’d have a couple of rolls of this like a shot.

  4. Good name . . . but so is “The Rolling Phones” one of Cape Breton Island’s first mobile phone dealers.

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