Imaginary Foundation's "Make A Difference" flyer

 Fckimages Difference I love this little piece of street art/provocation. Our co-conspirators at Imaginary Foundation posted a PDF at the Imaginary Foundation blog. "Make A Difference"


  1. Probably being massively ignorant here but who exactly is it a picture of? I honestly have no idea.

    1. You’re not ignorant at all! That little face is just part of Imaginary Foundation’s logo. Not directly related to the message of the flier.

  2. Ah, that’s cool then. I didn’t see the face at first and really liked it. Then saw the face and assumed it was some pop-culture reference I wasn’t getting.
    Good to know it’s the former.

    1. That still won’t subvert the message until all the tabs are gone. All that does is make the tear offs a response to a challenge to make a difference. I’m up for that.

    2. Replying to “You can’t make a differnce” with “I WILL” is almost stronger.

      What’s the bb-if relationship in co-conspiracy anyways? They’re a great outfit.

      I’ve been seeing these signs over the blogosphere the last couple days but never knew it was an IF operation (including “Have you seen this flier?” with “YES” tickets.

      1. Just that Nick Philip of Imaginary Foundation has been a friend of Boing Boing since the print ‘zine days. We did a double label BB/IF t-shirt a few years ago and will hopefully do more stuff together in the future.

  3. Pff, everybody knows the guys putting those things up always tear off the first few strips to make it look like there’s interest.

  4. What a delightful option for the rest of anyone’s life:

    Pick a strip and make a difference!

  5. Reminds me of some street theater done at my college back in the 80’s. Three guys had a booth. They asked every one passing by: “Could we get you to agree that you are for good and against evil?” If you answered “yes” they would follow up: “So, would you be willing to wear this button?” You were then presented with a white button that didn’t say anything.

  6. As Marge once said: One person CAN make a difference, but most of the time they probably shouldn’t.

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