Pumzi: sci-fi short film from Kenya

Trailer for Pumzi, a short film from Kenyan Writer/Director Wanuri Kahui. More: pumzimovie.com, and Wired ran an item earlier this year when the film screened at Sundance. (via Diane Ademu-John via William Gibson)



  1. Looks well done, especially for a short. Reminds me a little of “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” by Asimov.

  2. Haven’t seen it yet, but the screenshot above looks suspiciously like something out of Gentlemen Broncos.

  3. The only problem now is finding a way to see it :( My festival calender is blank for this year at the moment. Some many good shorts, so few eyes get to see them.

  4. Looks like a cool film. OK, so what? Where can we see it. Their “screenings” page is blank. Why dangle an unobtainable thing before us? That’s just cruel.

  5. While this short looks beautiful in its own right, this really just makes me nostalgic for some THX… I do believe that I’ll have to give that another watch this week!

  6. I’ve been keeping an eye on this film since i heard about it. I’m very intrigued by it and i hope to be able to see it whenever it’s made available.

  7. I think the greater question: Who is the lead acress?

    I am howling like a Tex Avery wolf here. Beautiful!

  8. Limited budget, perhaps, but look at those locations! Millions saved by being native to the locale.

    Agreed, there is a certain THX feel to this, but I’m eager to see it on its own merits.

  9. Wow. Looks really cool. And certainly I can’t be the only one here who developed an acute case of the hots for the female lead…

  10. Sounds like Wall-e blended with Logan’s run, Aeon flux and 1964 (maybe a hint of THX?). Looks very nice though…

  11. The idea seems at least somewhat similar to Varmints mixed with a dash of Planet of the Apes (I’m thinking of the forbidden zone there). All in all, it looks remarkably well done. I look forward to seeing it in its entirety.

  12. I have seen Pumzi at Sundance and it is an amazing film. The challenge of a great film such as this is that it brings issues of movie length/genre, access, race/culture, class, gender and even narrative sensibility into focus as we see what gets easily (if there is such a thing….more easily) promoted/distributed and what does not. Another film at Sundance, “Frozen”, a real bomb of a film already had distribution set up. DO NOT SEE THAT FILM!….but we need to be able to see films such as Pumzi. It is rich in important and socially-functional symbolism. It’s a semiotic feast. And it means something. Please see if there is any way YOU can help in bringing Pumzi to your local theaters or colleges/universities. The director is an amazingly intelligent and engaging woman and would be a great gift to any audience that could get her into their company.

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