Unicorn Meat

unicornmeat.jpg This canned meat product from ThinkGeek costs $10 and is an 'excellent source of sparkles.'


    1. That is NOT a unicorn chaser!

      Although chasing unicorns is most certainly involved in the production process.

    1. Minerals, of course. They’re necessary for excellent night vision and being able to see through walls.

  1. OK, this stuff may not be real, but I can assure you I have a can in my cupboard labelled “Goblin Meat Pie”.

    1. Goblin meat pies are amazing. All the fun of horifically burnt fingers when you try and open them after having boiled them, plus the health benefits of suet!

  2. I think the FDA should investigate– I suspect it’s just horse meat with artificial sparkles added.

  3. Who is there among us who does not love the Cock?

    (Why, yes, I DO collect foods that have naughty sounding names!

  4. Think of this as a “Unicorn Chaser” to that tofu stuff your vegan girlfriend is always making you eat.

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