3G iPads hit mailboxes


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  1. phlavor says:

    Assisted GPS. No cell signal=no locational awareness. Also not accurate enough for turn by turn navigation. A personal peeve of mine.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you might be confused about how assisted GPS works. It means that you have full normal GPS, PLUS assistance from cell towers where available to get an even faster position lock.

      Essentially, A-GPS will perform as well as “normal” gps when there are no cell towers since it INCLUDES a standard GPS receiver, and will perform better when you have cell signal.


    • Anonymous says:

      Assisted GPS comes in two flavors. Sadly. One relies on the cell tower to support assisted GPS on the device as some portion of the computation for position is done at the tower. The other form of assisted GPS uses the cell tower, if present, to speed the lock on the GPS signal so it is quicker to have a valid signal. The Apple assisted GPS products use the variety that only uses cell tower info to speed the lock to the GPS. You can demonstrate this by turning on airplane mode, then turn on wifi and enter the MAPS application. No need for WiFi if you’re using some App like TomTom with embedded maps. Notice that GPS is alive and well without the cell data connection.


  2. Adam Fields says:

    So, what’s the non-existent prize for the iPad haiku contest?

  3. holtt says:

    Warted pond frog calls,
    Croaks, “Doc-tor-o – DRM”
    Angrily leaves pad

  4. Malus Malum says:

    I realize the writer may be an American, as are many of the readers but not everyone is.

    Some context might be useful.

    “iPad 3Gs are arriving in maiiboxes IN THE U.S.”

    “The iPad’s AMERICAN data plan ANNOUNCED BY AT&T has no contract, yet offers unlimited data at half the price of a cellphone, 3G modem or MiFi.”

    I had to get my iPad in NY, none of the versions of the iPad are yet sold outside of the U.S.

    The likelihood that any of the Canadian 3G GSM carriers will offer anything remotely similar to the plan is essentially zero.

    Mailboxes is also misspelled as mailiboxes, but now I’m just being picky. :-)

  5. Young says:

    Wow, are people really *receiving* their 3G iPads? Mine doesn’t arrive until tomorrow afternoon.

  6. DJBudSonic says:

    I urge everyone to save their hard-earned $$ and NOT buy an iPad, at least not in this case iteration. For all it’s fetish-loveliness (not to my eyes mind you), mine is pretty useless; not coming with basic workspace tools like a calculator, or any clock/alarm/world time functions, or the ability to read/play/view most of my work files. Also, the enclosure, unlike my iPod, is designed with a radius/profile/cross-section from aluminum that is fragile on the corners. Remember, this is a hand-held device and as such is prone to accidents. Don’t believe me? Look at the results of my 4-day old iPad dropping from my car seat, a height of 12″-18″.


    well, at least it still runs, and I will fix it myself, no thanks to Apple engineers who would not even advise me on the material the glass seal is made from, so I can make sure to seal the newly formed gaps around the glass with the proper non-reactive, non-conductive silicone or the like. Be warned- I have been told by Apple that ANY sign of cosmetic damage will void the entire warranty, even for something like battery replacement. Which BTW is $105.

    Any lessons here? If you have to get one, get a case, but not the black pleather Apple one. I cannot get to the buttons anymore and my headphone jack doesn’t fit through the tailored slots. So much for cutting edge design. Will they take it back, I wonder, or will I need to apply my own cutting edge(s) design to it until it fits?

    P.S. You may ask, if I am so unhappy why did I buy one in the first place? I didn’t, I am happy to say I won mine in a local contest…

  7. Clemoh says:

    I don’t remember thinking I needed something like this before it was invented.

  8. Hamish Grant says:

    …and cue Cory’s “Why I won’t be buying a 3G iPad (and why you shouldn’t, either)” post in 5…4…3…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Please stop, the cheapest plan to use Sprints 3G/4G device to access the internet has major issues. First the rate plan is $60 a month – iPad will be $30.

    2nd in 95% of the USA Sprint only has 3G coverage, why is this an issue? Because they LIMIT 3G traffic to 5gigs a cycle – iPad 3G (@$30) is all you can eat.

    Last If your lucky enough to live in an area (25 of them) that actually have 4G then there is no band with limit.

    This is why Sprint fails. And to be honest I am not sure ATT is any great carrier.

    • Anonymous says:

      The best thing about the iPad 3G plan is that you are not held to a year long contract and you can activate/deactivate the service at home, by going directly to the setting tools. You will be able to purchase service as you go when traveling abroad and even Roger (of Canada) has expressed an interest in providing internet access to iPad3G users based on the model that Apple has forged with AT&T. This is great news for visitors indeed because the international service of AT&T, Verizon is just so prohibitive in cost.

  10. DrPretto says:

    iPass, HP is buying WebOS (the best mobile OS right now). Wy buy an iPad, when in a few months the market will be full of tablets, many of them will be poor clones, but I am searching for the GREAT tablets:
    I will wait until Notion Ink ADAM with Android is released, Dell Android tablets, and possibly HP will have their WebOS Slate.
    Competition is good for us.

    • Anonymous says:

      why buying an Ipad when the market will be full of tablets ?
      well, for the same reason we buy a mac instaed of a pc dude. it’s simply better inside.

    • DrPretto says:

      I forgot about the Google tablet also in the works, this will be a GREAT tech-geek year

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