Augmented reality feedback flooring


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  1. laderoda says:

    Would this work while wearing shoes (or work well, anyway?) Wouldn’t it work best if your feet were bare, or at least socked?

  2. paulj says:

    So I’ll get my holodeck, but where’s my flying car? Can I get a flying car in the holodeck?

  3. Snig says:

    It’d be cool to use for proprioceptive training/balance training in a physical therapy environment. You can do it much cheaper, but this is neat.

  4. dross1260 says:

    Building Services will love this.
    Mop and Glow

  5. yon says:

    The floor is designed to be used with shoes. Since it reproduces cues about the texture (vibration) of a ground material, but not about the shape of the ground, the illusion works (ironically) far better if you’re wearing shoes. If the shoes are not too thin and flexible, you get a strong impression of walking on sand, snow, ice, or whatever the material being simulated happens to be.

  6. Nadreck says:

    Wow! It even has audio feedback. I bet you could use this to pretend to be a foley artist!

  7. The Chemist says:

    One more er- step, towards the holodeck.

    Can we have a new technology law please? As time approaches infinity, reality converges to the Star Trek universe.

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