Tom the Dancing Bug: How to Draw God-Man

howtodrawgodthumb.jpg Enjoy our second installment of Ruben Bolling's Tom the Dancing Bug here at BB; the full strip is after the jump. And be sure to check out Ruben's work in print: Thrilling Tom the Dancing Bug Stories (Andrews McMeel, 2004); All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned From My Golf-Playing Cats (NBM Publishing, 1997); and Tom the Dancing Bug (HarperCollins, 1992).


  1. I suppose it’s even more ironic that Islamic groups aren’t even protesting the drawing of God-Man (Allah), just their prophet, Muhammad.

  2. Dildog’s here now? Christ, they let anybody in this place!

    Just kidding, brother, nice to see you.

  3. It’s been over a year and I haven’t seen the the “How To Build Pipe Bombs” piece yet. The complaints will continue until this is rectified.


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