Locus Magazine editors serialize forthcoming novels online

Locus Magazine's Amelia Beamer sez,
I'm serializing my first novel, THE LOVING DEAD (with zombies and a Zeppelin, out from Night Shade in July), online for free starting today, Monday March 8th. My friend and Locus coworker Tim Pratt is also serializing a new Marla Mason novel, BROKEN MIRRORS, starting Monday March 8th. Locus editors do it for free!

What people are saying about THE LOVING DEAD:

"Zombies are all over the place right now, but trust me, you've NEVER read a zombie novel like this! Amelia Beamer's THE LOVING DEAD is about zombies, all right, but it's zombies with Xanax, zeppelins, Trader Joe's, iPhone apps, sex, humor, adventure, NPR, IKEA, and Indiana Jones! It's a rollercoaster ride of a read and a true original!" -- Connie Willis, New York Times Bestselling author of BLACKOUT.

"THE LOVING DEAD is really kind of hot, in a very creepy way. Read it. You know you'd love you some sweet zombie sumpin' sumpin'. Buy it, bitches! Ride this zombie zeppelin of love like there's no tomorrow." -- Christopher Moore, New York Times Bestselling author of LAMB and A DIRTY JOB

Loving Dead serial

Broken Mirrors serial

(Thanks, Amelia!)