Vintage PCs on the set of The IT Crowd, season 4

The curators of England's Centre for Computing History have been asked to supply a glorious array of vintage warhorses for the set of season four of The IT Crowd, Graham Linehan's kick-ass nerd sitcom for Channel 4. They've enumerate the lovingly selected items we can look forward to seeing this season (I can't wait!).
Look out for 'webby' our little black and white beanie mascot that was behind Moss in the third series. He's there again in the next series!

Other computers on the set include a CGL Sord M5, Oric Atmos, Amstrad CPC 464, Commodore 64, a homebrew Sinclair ZX81 (on top of the Altair 8800), Atari 2600 games console, Commodore PET, Apple Mac Plus, ZX Spectrum +2, the main PCB of an Acorn Atom and a ZX Spectrum Plus in its original box and various others around the set ...

Vintage Computing Items for the IT Crowd (via /.)


  1. No Amigas? Considering this is a British show, the guys must have had Amigas growing up.

  2. Yay! This is happy news.

    I can’t really joke about the old computer gear though… I have three working commodore 64s :/

    I remember hours spent typing in programs from magazines.. and I’m happy those days are gone.

  3. my friend dieter should have been called up, he has a nice collection of computers of many era’s to place on display.

  4. Awesome, I love old hardware. I used to have a Mac Plus in a prominent place in my studio, while my ‘real’ Mac was hidden–people would do a double take, and say ‘you work on THAT?’

    1. Yeah, here in the U.S. we have “seasons” while the entire run is known as a “series.” So while Star Trek: TNG may have run for 7 seasons, it was one series.

      Contrast that with Red Dwarf where there are 10 series of 6 episodes…what’s up with a series only having 6 episodes, anyway?

  5. This is an amazing set for an amazing show. I can hardly wait for the new season. I still have a lot of vintage hardware some very old and some only 12 years old or so.

    I still have my first laptop (Giant Brick of a machine) and it still works.

  6. They could have had my complete Acorn Atom with 12k RAM and floating point ROM and Ross Software Utility ROM…..

    OMG, I just realised I’m a geek.

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